NBA Championship Odds Update: All-Star Break is Rapidly Approaching

NBA Championship Odds Update: All-Star Break is Rapidly Approaching

Now that we’re halfway through the season, the All-Star break is approaching, and teams are starting to look at making trades, it’s time to start talking about the NBA playoffs. We now have a pretty good idea of who the contenders are, and who will be looking to sell pieces off at the deadline. Let’s take a look at some of the favorites to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of the season so you can bet against their NBA Championship odds.

Week 14: Updated NBA Championship Odds

Brooklyn Nets +250

Now that Kyrie Irving is back, it’s hard to pick against the Brooklyn Nets. When you combine Irving with Kevin Durant and James Harden, you have a team that is going to be very hard to beat. Brooklyn has shown that they have the firepower to beat anyone. When Joe Harris returns from injury, the Nets will be even better. Their bench has proven to be better than expected, and the role players have come in and done a great job. 

Golden State Warriors +450

Now that Klay Thompson is back, the Warriors now have the band back together. Stephy Curry hasn’t played as well as of late, but he has a lot of help. Jordan Poole has played at a high level all season, and the team has defended better than Warrior teams in the past. When Curry is going, this team can beat anyone.

Milwaukee Bucks +700

Giannis Antetokounmpo and company haven’t been very consistent this season, but when they’re playing well, they can beat anyone. The defending champs are still missing Brook Lopez, and probably will for a majority of the season, but they have the rest of the squad healthy. Antetokounmpo can be nearly impossible to defend when he’s playing well, and if he can get things going in the playoffs, the Bucks will be hard to beat.

Phoenix Suns +800

The Suns are looking to make it back to the NBA Finals again. Monty Williams has the Suns playing even better than they did last season. Mikael Bridges has made huge strides, and Chris Paul continues to play at a very high level. The Suns will be around at the end.

Utah Jazz +1200

Now that Rudy Gobert has become more of an offensive player, the Jazz has a much better chance at getting out of the Western Conference. The Jazz can put points on the board, so we’ll see how they do defensively in the playoffs. Teams have been able to get Gobert away from the basket in the previous playoffs, we’ll see if the Jazz can find a way to keep him at home. 

Los Angeles Lakers +1200

The oddsmakers still think that the Lakers are going to be a force come playoff time. LeBron James is playing great basketball, but the rest of the team isn’t. Anthony Davis can’t seem to stay healthy, and Russell Westbrook has been a huge disappointment. Unless the Lakers can make some improvements at the trade deadline, we don’t see them making a long playoff run.

Miami Heat +1400

The Heat is the best defensive team in the league. They’ve risen up the Eastern Conference standings, and they’ve done it with Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Kyle Lowry missing numerous games due to injury. If all three of these guys are healthy for the playoffs, the Heat will be a hard team to beat.


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