NBA Eastern Conference Championship Betting Prediction

NBA Eastern Conference Championship Betting Prediction

Written by on May 12, 2016

If I am going to be totally honest here, I have to say that the Eastern Conference has been a little underwhelming this year. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been lambasted all season long, with tomes being written about how badly that team underachieved. Looking back now, you begin to wonder if they were underachieving, or were simply doing enough to secure the number one seed in the conference. They have torn through the opening two rounds of the postseason, and are now just sitting around waiting to see if they will face the Miami Heat or the Toronto Raptors in the Conference Final. It is the Raptors who have the edge in that series at the moment, but all 5 games so far have been tight, which suggests that the series may be far from over. Whoever wins the East knows that they are going to have an epic struggle on their hands in the Finals, as they are going to be facing one of three very good teams: The Warriors, Spurs, or Thunder. I will get into what might happen in the Finals in another article, but for now, let’s take a look at how I think the Eastern Conference is going to play out. Keep up with the latest odds for the eastern conference finals check out our NBA lines portal.

NBA Eastern Conference Championship Betting Prediction

Why bet on the Cavaliers to win the Eastern Conference Final

The playoffs have delivered a very different Cavaliers team from what we saw in the regular season. This looks like a group of players who have banded together for a common goal, choosing to set aside the petty differences that allegedly caused some locker room friction throughout the year. The Cavs disposed of the Pistons in a 4-game sweep in the opening round, and did so without really having to break much of a sweat. There were no big blowout games in there, but they never at any time looked as though they were in trouble. Cleveland saved their best stuff, particularly offensively, for the second round series with the Atlanta Hawks. This was total domination from start to finish, with 3-point shots flying in from all angles. It was a 4-game sweep that made many of the Cavaliers doubters start to re-evaluate their position.

Will the Cavaliers face the Raptors or the Heat

NBA fans are likely to be split on who they would rather see face the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Final. There are some who will want to see the Toronto Raptors in there, as that would mean that the top 2 seeds would be squaring off. The other camp will want the Miami Heat to be the team that makes it in, as it would undoubtedly be intriguing to see LeBron go up against his old teammates. It is the Raptors who have the edge right now with a 3-2 lead in the series, but this one looks as though it might go all the way down to the wire, as all the games have been close. I think it will be the Raptors who prevail in the end, setting up a final between the two best teams in the conference.

Who will win the Eastern Conference Final

At this stage of the game, I don’t think it really matters who wins the Raptors/Heat series, as I think the Cavaliers will handle either of those teams quite handily.