Highlight 2017-18 NBA Season Total Winning Predictions

Highlight 2017-18 NBA Season Total Winning Predictions

Written by on July 25, 2017

Will Kevin Durant and the defending-champion Golden State Warriors top their 67-win total from this past NBA season or does it even matter to them how many games they win in the regular season? Can Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics improve on their 2016-17 win total after adding all-star forward Gordon Hayward in free agency? How good will the Cleveland Cavaliers be this coming season with Kyrie Irving suddenly wanting out and LeBron James playing the final year of his contract?

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Last but not least, will the addition of Chris Paul help James Harden and the Houston rockets get where they want to go, namely past the Warriors and Spurs in the loaded Western Conference? Thanks to the handful of expert NBA season predictions that you’re about to get on seven NBA championship hopefuls as they get set for the upcoming 2017-18 season, you’re going to have a great opportunity to cash in on the value-packed win total futures odds of each ball club. Now, let’s get down to business.

Here’s A Closer Look At The Highlight 2017-18 NBA Season Total Winning Predictions


Boston Celtics 54.5 Wins

The Boston Celtics won 53 games last season and you’d think they’d be good for another two victories in 2017-18 after Gordon Hayward and drafting sweet-shooting forward Jayson Tatum with the third overall pick in the draft right?The C’s will also have a more experienced Jaylen Brown playing more minutes after he was drafted third overall in the 2016 NBA Season Draft, but they also lost defensive stalwart and locker room leader Avery Bradley and that could hurt them. In the end though, I’m going to say the C’s do each 55 wins if only because the Cavs likely won’t be quite as good and neither will teams like Indiana and Chicago. It’s going to be close, but I say take the over 54.5 wins, narrowly.Pick: Over 54.4 Wins

Cleveland Cavaliers 52.5 Wins

The Cavs won a modest 51 games last season before throwing it in overdrive once the playoffs started. However, with Kyrie Irving wanting out and LeBron James playing what is likely his last season in his hometown, things aren’t exactly looking rosy in Cleveland. While LeBron James has been able to lead the Cavs to three straight 50-win seasons after doing so three times in four years with the Miami Heat, it’s almost a lock that the Cavs reach the 50-win mark again this coming NBA season. However, right now, I’m thinking it’s going to be a really difficult season for the Cavs and they’ll fall just short of recording 53 victories.Pick: Under 52.5 Wins

Golden State Warriors 67.5 Wins

The Dubs won 67 games this past season as they dialed it back just a bit after their record-setting 73-win season the year before. I say keep it simple and just back the Warriors to win about 65 games while ‘navigating the regular season and focusing on staying healthy heading into the playoffs. Regular season wins are all fine and well, but the Warriors know what’s really important and that’s playing their best basketball come playoff time.Pick: Under 67.5 Wins

Houston Rockets 56.5 Wins

The Rockets won 55 games this past NBA season, but they added perennial all-star point guard Chris Paul to help them get past both, San Antonio and Golden State out west. The addition of Paul will help everyone, James Harden included, get easier looks at the basket, but I’m thinking 57 wins is just a few too many for the Rockets just because they play in a loaded Western Conference. I like the Under, but just narrowly.Pick: Under 56.5 WinsThe Thunder won 47 games last NBA season with Russell Westbrook putting on his best ‘one-man-gang’ act.

Oklahoma City Thunder 48.5 Wins

The Thunder won 47 games last season with Russell Westbrook putting on his best ‘one-man-gang’ act. The addition of all-star swingman Paul George should help them win one more game than they did this past season – if Westbrook passes him the damn ball! Oklahoma City reaches the 49-win mark to narrowly top their win total odds, but it’s definitely going to be close.Pick: Over 48.5 Wins

San Antonio Spurs 54.5 Wins

The Spurs have won 50 games or more in every season since Abe Lincoln was in office and they’ll win 50 again this coming season after racking up a stellar 61 wins this past season. However, with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili going backwards faster than LeBron James’ hairline and LaMarcus Aldridge looking nothing like the max contract player he’s getting paid to be, I’m thinking the Spurs will be more of a one-man gang that relies too much on Kawhi Leonard to finish closer to 50 wins than 55. Play the Under as the Spurs win 52 games in 2017-18.Pick: Under 54.5 Wins

Washington Wizards 46.5 Wins

The Wizards won an impressive 49 games this past NBA season and should be a lock to reach that figure again in 2017-18 after re-signing John Wall to a super max deal and bringing back a crucial player in small forward Otto Porter. The bottom line is that the Eastern Conference is weaker than an octogenarian in a wheelchair and that almost insures the Wiz will approach 50 wins – if they bring back the underrated and under-appreciated Marcin Gortat.Pick: Over 46.5 Wins