NBA Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Season Analysis

NBA Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Season Analysis

Written by on March 19, 2020

As we remain in a period of uncertainty in the sports world, we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. While no hard and fast dates have been set for anything yet, the MLS has announced that they will be looking to return on May 10, while over in Europe, the EPL is looking at April 30. This could all change, but the hope is that we will start to hear from the other professional leagues as to when they may get back into the action. The NBA was edging very close to the playoffs, so we thought it might be fun to look at what each team has delivered this season as we look ahead to the return of basketball. Let’s get things rolling with the Milwaukee Bucks. Here’s an overview of the Milwaukee Bucks 2020 season so far with NBA Odds and NBA Championship Odds.

NBA Milwaukee Bucks 2020 Season Analysis

Milwaukee Bucks Season So Far

It has been a phenomenal season for the Bucks, as they headed into the suspension of play with the best record in the NBA. Overall, they are sitting at 53-12, while going on a 6-4 run in their last 10 games that was basically brought about by Giannis being forced to sit out through injury. The Bucks went an astonishing 28-3 in their own building and 25-9 on the road, while also picking up just 1 loss out of 14 games in divisional play. All of that leaves them 6 ½ games up on the Raptors in the battle for the Eastern Conference. If there is a positive to this current break, it is that it will give Giannis some time to get healthy for when play does eventually resume.

Milwaukee Bucks Key Season Stats and Personnel

Let’s start here by talking about the Bucks offense, which you will see very heavily revolves around Giannis. The Bucks are averaging 118.6 PPG this season, which has them #1 in the NBA in that category. They are currently ranked #7 in the assists per game category. Giannis is the leader in all things offensive for Milwaukee, averaging 29.7 PPG and chipping in 5.8 assists per game, too, all which shooting 54.7% from the field.

The Bucks find themselves pretty highly ranked in the defensive categories, too, sitting at 5th in the league while giving up 107.4 PPG. It is Giannis who leads the way here, picking up 13.7 rebounds per game, proving that the big man is truly valuable at both ends of the court. Donte DiVincenzo is the team leader in steals per game, while Brook Lopez is at the top of the heap in Milwaukee in blocks per game.

How do the Bookies View the Milwaukee Bucks?

Given all the information that we have passed along in this piece, it is probably no real surprise to learn that the Milwaukee Bucks are in as the favorites to win it all this season. They made it to the Eastern Conference Final last year before falling to the Toronto Raptors, but they will be looking to take it to the next level at odds of +225.