NBA OverUnder Betting Pick for the Playoffs Round 1 Nets vs Celtics

NBA Over/Under Betting Pick for the Playoffs Round 1: Nets vs Celtics

The NBA Playoffs are here, and let the fun begin! Not only are the playoffs the best NBA basketball of the season, but they’re also fun to gamble on!

Once the playoffs begin, you get much more betting action than you do during the regular season. With more information available on each game, gamblers feel that they have a better grasp on what to wager on. Let’s have a look at our NFL Playoffs Betting analysis for the game between Celtics and Nets on Round 1.

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Betting Analysis | NBA Playoffs O/U Picks

2022 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Matches

In looking at the first-round matchups, we’ve found a couple of bits of information that may come in very handy when getting ready to put some money down.

When it comes to over/unders, the playoffs are notorious for better defense, longer possessions, and less points being scored. In the playoffs, an average of one to three fewer points are scored per game. There are also almost three fewer possessions per game in the playoffs.

Even though the league has become an offensive league, with a high number of three-point shots being shot every game, teams tend to lock things down on the defensive end when every game is crucial.

In looking at the last seven seasons of playoffs, if you would’ve bet on every under, you would’ve made a profit in five of the seven seasons.

Another thing to remember is that the longer the series goes, the more chance the under is to hit. Teams are tired, and they know how important every possession is, so they really play hard on the defensive end.

In looking at the six playoff games that are set at the time of this writing, we’re going to give you our predictions on whether the over or under will hit in Game 1 of the Celtics vs. Nets series.

Let’s take a brief look at Game 1, and we’ll give you our predictions for the game.

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics: Over/Under 214.5

This will be billed as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving against Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum. However, there will be a lot more to this series. Marcus Smart will have the tough task of slowing down Irving, the former Celtic who left Boston on bad terms.

Boston is one of the best defensive teams in the league and will make things difficult for Brooklyn. We’ll see how well Brooklyn’s supporting cast plays as well. If Andre Drummond and Seth Curry are on, it will be a big boost for the Nets.

As for the Celtics, they have been playing great basketball, and they’ve been the best team in the East since the All-Star Break. Even though Robert Williams will be out for most or all of the series, Boston will still be a force. Brooklyn isn’t one of the better defensive teams, so Boston may be able to score some points.

We think that the Celtics will win Game 1 of the series. Boston will have a great strategy to slow down Durant and Irving. The Celtics will really want to shut Irving down, and it will become a personal battle.

We see this one being a defensive battle, and with that being said, we think you should take the under.


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