Never Bet On These Teams in the Second Half for NBA Betting

Written by on January 29, 2016

Okay sports betting enthusiasts…if you want to know which teams don’t know how to ‘seal the deal’ while generally falling apart in the second half of their respective games, then you’re in for a treat!In an effort to help you pad your annual NBA betting bankroll, I’m going to highlight the worst 10 second half teams in the league heading into Friday night’s full slate of action.As you might expect, each and every team on this list is a middle-of-the-pack postseason contender or flat-out pretender that likely won’t come close to winning this year’s NBA Championship.

Teams That NBA Betting Fans Should Avoid

20. Dallas (49.6)

The Mavs are ranked 20th in second half scoring which is likely why they’re just 13-13-1 ATS at home this season.

21. Indiana (49.5)

Indiana hasn’t been able to keep pace (pun intended) with their opponents in the second half and have lost six of their last eight games. Still, the Pacers are in 11th place in the ATS standings (24-22).

22. Orlando (49.4)

Orlando’s second half scoring is partly responsible for them going 0-7 over their last seven games and a pitiful 1-9 SU over their last 10 games.

23. Atlanta (49.3)

The Hawks aren’t the most offensive-minded team in the league and their lack of offensive options has been one of the reasons why they’re just 23-24-1 ATS.

24. Phoenix (48.6)

Not only are the Suns getting smacked around in the second half of their games this season, but they’re also 29th in points allowed (106.9 ppg).

25. Brooklyn (48.5)

The Nets have underachieved at a high rate this season while getting pounded in the second half of their games this season while ranking 28th overall in scoring (95.6 ppg).

26. Memphis (48.4)

The Grizzlies’ lack of second half scoring is one of the main reasons they’re ranked 26th in scoring (96.9 ppg) and 21st in the ATS standings (22-24-1 ATS).

27. Miami (48.0)

The Heat are really struggling to score in the second half and sit in 18th place in the ATS standings (22-23-1 ATS). Miami is actually averaging fewer points per game this season (95.5 ppg) than they’re allowing (95.6 ppg).

28. LA Lakers (47.5)

The Lakers are getting outscored by 10.3 points per game with no end in sight to their uninspiring ways!

29. Utah (47.2)

The Jazz may be one of the worst second half scoring teams in the league this season, but they’re also 13th in the ATS rankings (23-22 ATS) and putting up more points per game (97.6 ppg) than they allow (96.8 ppg).

30. Philadelphia (46.6)

The 76ers are getting outscored by 10.3 points per game this season, but hey, they can always say they’re 13-13 ATS on the road this season.