Betting Predictions and Key Numbers for the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Betting Predictions and Key Numbers for the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Not that any college basketball fans need a reminder, but March Madness is almost upon us. We are watching the conference tournaments play out first, after which we will have a better idea of who is in and out, but we won’t know for sure until this Sunday evening.

Check out college basketball betting prediction and analysis for the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament games.


Betting Predictions and Key Numbers for the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Before we dive into all things March Madness, let’s take a look at the dates you need to know ahead of the tournament:

* Selection Sunday: Sunday, March 12 (6 p.m. ET on CBS)
* First Four: March 14-15
* First round: March 16-17
* Second round: March 18-19
* Sweet 16: March 23-24
* Elite Eight: March 25-26
* Final Four: April 1
* NCAA championship game: April 3 

Now that we know all the important dates, let’s get to the numbers.


Playing the Opening Round

The one number that always seems to jump off the page in the #1 versus the #16 seed in the opening round of the tournament. As it stands now, the top seeds are 143-1 all-time against the bottom seeds, so don’t go fishing for upsets in Round 1. The smarter move here might be to play all the #1 seeds in the bracket in a parlay, but even then, your odds are probably not going to be that great. Another thing to consider in the first round is that only 15 games that involved 1 versus 16 have been decided by 10 points or less. Again, if you are looking for lower seeds to keep things close, this might not be the round.


Look For Live Longshots

Every year, we see a team or two go on a run that very few people saw coming. These potential longshots don’t necessarily go on and win the National Championship, but they can line your pockets rather quickly of you can identify those teams and get on them through the opening couple of rounds. Perhaps it might be a team that goes on a run in the conference tournament and gets hot at the right time. Pay attention to those tournaments, as well as how teams ended the regular season. Right now, I’m looking at teams like Marquette or Texas A&M to potentially do some damage.


Large Spreads are Scary in the Tournament

I am not suggesting that you steer clear of every big spread, but the fact of the matter is that winning a National Championship is a marathon, not a sprint. Teams are not necessarily concerned with blowing teams out to make a statement. In the early rounds, the top seeds might take their foot off the gas and play their bench players late as they look to stay healthy for the long haul. Keep that in mind before playing blowout spreads.


Props and Live Betting

The #1 and #2 seeds tend to cruise through the opening round, but rather than skipping those games entirely, perhaps look at player props to play instead of gambling on a massive spread. The same rules apply with live betting, especially if you have time to sit and watch the games. You can see how things are going and bet accordingly, building your bankroll for the later rounds when you might want to get a little more acventurous.


I’ve read enough, now I have to place my bet, what do I do?

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