Could the Huskies do a run for the title this year?

Crazy Long Shot March Madness Betting Looks to Pay Off Big

Written by on February 19, 2016

As we approach the end of February, that means one thing in the world of sports. March Madness is coming right up. March Madness is a glorious time for college basketball betting fans, as every year we look to make the best picks that will pay off big for us in the end. Here are a few crazy long shot March Madness bets that look to pay off big this season.

Crazy Long Shot March Madness Bets That Could Work

Take the Field to win the NCAA Tournament

It may sound crazy, but do you know who is going to win the tournament this season? We certainly do not. We can project with the best of them, but there are so many teams that could surprise, and so many teams that could disappoint. Look at who the field is providing you with, and many times you can take the field to win the NCAA tournament at odds around 100/1 over at… That’s pretty nice, that you can put $10 on it, and walk away with $1000 when a team out of nowhere wins the NCAA tournament. If it’s going to happen – it will be this season!

Bet the UCLA Bruins to win the national title

Why not? One of the best programs in the history of college basketball. Why couldn’t they win the tournament? Well, right now, they are struggling and likely not going to make the tournament. But, a few games to go to catch fire, followed by the Pac-12 tournament. Win that sucker, or play well and get to the finals, and you never know. It’s never a terrible idea to take a program that has been there and done that before.

Take UConn to win the national title

The Connecticut Huskies are another program that have done this before. Remember the Big East run to a national title a couple seasons ago? While the Huskies may not be as talented as previous seasons, but they look to be getting into the tournament. When looking at crazy long shot March Madness bets that may pay off big – a list shouldn’t be without taking the Connecticut Huskies.

Take a 12 seed to get to the Final Four

The tournament pairings are not even out yet, but this is the season to do that. Take a team that no one expects, and you are going to get paid well. While they would have to win four games in the tournament, with each win, you would be closer and closer to being paid big bucks for your crazy long shot March Madness bets.There is no exact science to betting on the NCAA tournament. This season is just as good as any to find some crazy long shot March Madness bets. Best of luck taking the right ones!