The 10 NFL Betting Commandments to Always Keep In Mind for 2022 Season

The 10 NFL Betting Commandments to Always Keep In Mind for 2022 Season

Before starting to think about what NFL teams to back against the spread or which team we like to win the 2023 Super Bowl, it’s important to set rules for ourselves. Below are 10 NFL Betting rules, commandments if you prefer, to follow during the upcoming NFL Season. 

Understanding the 10 Commandments of NFL Betting

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

10 Commandments of NFL Betting

  1. Stick to your NFL betting unit

Create your NFL betting unit and stick to it. If your unit is no more than $50 on any team in any game, then don’t switch it up just because you’ve got a feeling. 

Word of advice, don’t create a unit that you will have trouble either sticking to or must change after a couple of losses. If you can afford $100 as an NFL betting unit, great. But if you can’t, don’t force it. Go with a comfortable number. 

  1. Don’t play too many NFL parlays

NFL parlays can kill your bankroll. Stick to two to three team parlays. To be truly safe, you shouldn’t play any parlays. 

If you do play parlays, a 2-team or 3-team parlay may offer fair odds, but you had better do your handicapping. Often, we hit the first leg of a parlay only to see the entire bet fall apart.    

  1. Trust your strategy

If you come up with a strategy, tweak it for sure, but don’t throw it out if you lose a few bets. You know what you’re doing. Don’t second guess yourself.

If you’ve spent time creating a viable NFL betting strategy, stick with it. Your strategy will pay off if you make necessary adjustments.  

  1. Handicap NFL games yourself

Unless you don’t have time to handicap, have a limitless bankroll, and have found a great handicapper you don’t mind paying, you must learn to handicap NFL games yourself.

You can’t win consistently unless you understand the NFL teams you like and bets you like to make. Becoming an expert on a single NFL squad might be the best way to make long-term profit. 

Once you become an expert, you will start to notice overlays, underlays, and top overlay moneyline bets on your team. Once you become an expert at seeing overlays for one team, it will become easy for you to expand to other NFL teams.      

  1. Move on from the past

You will suffer bad beats. Tough losses are part of NFL betting. You must learn how to handle those tough losses.

A trick is to consider the past. What happened in the past, well, already happened. You can’t change the past. All you can do is move on from it. 

Keep this in your head after every tough loss. Doing so will help you keep a clear mind and a clear mind is the only way to make winning bets.

  1. Make NFL bets against the spread your go to

Spread betting is the key to NFL wagering success. It’s tough to find moneyline overlays. Finding overlays on totals is also tough because Vegas is excellent at setting close to perfect over under game lines. 

Spreads, though, are difficult to set. Often, at least once a week, oddsmakers set an overlay spread. Once you get good at learning how to handicap spreads, you will start to notice the overlay NFL spreads. 

You always want to bet on overlays. Always.    

  1. Never blindly back the public’s choice

Sometimes the public is right. Sometimes the public is way off. If you see the public is backing one team to cover versus another team, and you don’t agree with the public, go with your gut.

  1. Take injury information with a grain of salt

Injuries are a huge part of the NFL. So much so that oddsmakers are keen at adjusting lines based on injury reports. 

So by the time you hear about an injury, the line has most likely been adjusted. There’s also the fact that NFL coaching staffs have become excellent at planning for injuries. 

The Philadelphia Eagles won the 2019 Super Bowl with a backup quarterback, proving that teams can get past injuries.    

  1. Never, ever, chase

Chasing will kill your bankroll. Most every NFL handicapper goes through a chasing phase. You may already have.

What is chasing? Let’s say you lose $200 on an early afternoon game. Instead of moving past the loss, you decide to double-up on a late afternoon game by betting $400. That’s called chasing and doing so will end your NFL handicapping career. 

  1. Don’t make NFL bets with money you can’t afford to lose

You should never bet money you require to pay rent or the mortgage on your house. Don’t dig into funds that you require to pay for the kids’ school lunches.

Also, don’t bet money that your significant other requires to do whatever they planned on doing with the money. NFL betting should be for entertainment first.

Then if you build a solid bankroll, you can start thinking of betting for profit. But by pressuring yourself by betting with money you require for other things, you could end up chasing, and losing much more than you anticipated.    


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