2016 NFL Expert Picks For Week 14

2016 NFL Expert Picks For Week 14

Written by on July 21, 2016

Week 14 of the 2016 NFL season will be serving up several pivotal games, including Seattle’s visit to conference foes Green Bay and a grudge-match between the Bills and their long-time “owners”, the Steelers. Below, we present you the early NFL betting picks for these two games, along with some additional NFL Week 14 free picks.

In Depth Analysis On The 2016 NFL Expert Picks For Week 14


New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers (PK)

NFL Week 14 Free Pick: New York Jets (PK)The 49ers barely have anything going on for them in the upcoming season. The QB position up in the air, the defense is still lacking in talent and there is barely any winning motivation in the team now that their new coach (Chip Kelly) is equally a master at failing miserably—going by his performance with the Eagles last season. The New York Jets, meanwhile, have a lot of motivation from making a 6-win leap under first-year coach Todd Bowles, who transformed the 4-12 Jets from 2014 to a 10-6 season in 2015. The New York defense is also very talented and solid, while the offense showed a lot of poise last year. Just about the only concern for them is the lingering issue over Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract, something we believe will be sorted out real soon. With all that considered, there is simply no way the Niners will be beating the Jets in this favorable late-season fixture for the visitors.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) at Buffalo Bills

NFL Week 14 Free Pick: Pittsburgh (-2)Without having to talk about the obvious fact that Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers are heads and shoulders above Tryod Taylor the Bills in nearly every skill position (save for a few areas in the defense), let’s just say this game will have one winner, and it won’t be a team named Buffalo. I mean, the Steelers have been a perennial thorn in the flesh for the Bills since time immemorial. For example, the Steelers have won 3 of their last 4 trips to Buffalo and are 5-0 in their last five overall meetings against Buffalo. You wanna get paid handsomely, my friend, grab an early NFL betting ticket on the Steelers before the price shoots up.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5)

NFL Week 14 Free Pick: Kansas City (-4.5)For every point you can give about Jack Del Rio, Derek Carr and the Raiders ahead of the 2016 NFL odds, I can give you 5 more about Andy Reid, Alex Smith and Chiefs. Sure, the Raiders showed sparks of brilliance last year and have done well to stack up the roster with some solid talents, so 2016 offers them a solid chance to breakout in a big way. But what about the Chiefs? Last I checked, the Chiefs were the most improved team of the season (outside Carolina, of course) and that was against the #7-toughest schedule in the league. With an already established run-oriented offense (plus an above-average passing game) and a defense that continually improved as the season progressed, the Chiefs are way ahead of Oakland as far as breaking out in 2016 is concerned. So while it is warranted to expect a strong performance from the Raiders in this game, all signs point towards the Chiefs (5-1 in the last six overall against Oakland) bagging the victory plus the points.

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (-2)

NFL Week 14 Free Pick: Green Bay (-2)I read (and shared) this somewhere in these betting corridors, but in case you haven’t heard about it, allow me to repeat it to you once more time… Since the year 2000, Green Bay and Seattle have a strict but secret pact, where the Seahawks win all games played in Seattle while the Packers win all games in Green Bay, whether in the regular season or playoffs. Neither of the two teams has deviated from this agreement and we don’t think the trend will be changing this year. So rather than wasting your time talking about how Aaron Rodgers is better than Russell Wilson and blah, blah, blah; lemme do you a solid one and remind you that this game will be played in the Lambeau field at Green Bay, making the Packers the rightful NFL pick.