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2017 NFL Total Season Wins Predictions

Written by on May 9, 2017

Will the Dallas Cowboys record another double-digit winning campaign in 2017 or will the Giants, Redskins or Eagles record more victories that their hated NFC East division rivals this coming season?

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Will the Atlanta Falcons win double digit games again after falling apart in their Super Bowl 51 loss to New England? Can Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers lead the Seahawks and Packers to 11 victories after both upper Bowl-winning quarterbacks failed to do so a year ago?

Here’s A Closer Look At The 2017 NFL Total Season Wins Predictions

If you’re fired up about the 2017 NFL regular season and you’ve got a good idea of just how many games many NFL team are likely to win this coming season, you could cash in big by betting right now on the season-long NFL win total futures odds surrounding each franchise.If you need a little bit of assistance in deciding several teams’ prospective win total tallies for the coming season, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to some expert NFL analysis, you’re going to have a great idea of just how many games a handful of teams will record in 2017. Now, let’ get down to business. 

2017 NFL Regular Season Win Total Odds

Patriots11 (-120 O)
Steelers10.5 (-120 O)
Falcons10 (-120 U)
Packers10 (-120 U)
Cowboys9.5 (-120 O)
Raiders9.5 (-120 O)
Titans9.5 (-120 U)
Ravens9.5 (-125 U)
Chiefs9 (-120 O)
Panthers9 (-120 O)
Giants9 (-115 O)
Colts9 (-115 U)
Bengals8.5 (-120 O)
Broncos8.5 (-120 O)
Texas8.5 (-120 O)
Saints8.5 (-120 U)
Redskins7.5 (-120 O)
Jaguars5.5 (-120 O)
Jets5.5 (-120 O)
Rams5.5 (-120 O)

Dallas Cowboys 9.5 Wins

Analysis: The Cowboys may have won a whopping 13 game last season, but they’ve got a helluva’ schedule in 2017, which is why I don’t see them topping their 9.5-win total this coming season. Dallas will likely go 3-3 in their six tough NFC East division games, but they’ve got also got a ton of other tough dates on their schedule in 2017.I’ve got Dallas losing at home against the Seahawks and Chiefs while dropping road dates against their three division rivals in addition to the Falcons, Raiders and Broncos to finish at 8-8. Nine wins could be in the forecast, but I just don’t see the Boys reaching 10 wins in 2017.Pick: Eight Wins

Seattle Seahawks 10.5 Wins

Analysis: The Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) struggled a bit more than they’re used to last season, but they’ve got a favorable schedule in 2017. The only losses I see in Seattle’s immediate future come on the road at Arizona, Atlanta and New York. 13 win may seem a bit high, but it’s not when you look at Seattle’s opponents.Pick: 13 Wins

Atlanta Falcons 10 Wins

Analysis: Sure, the Falcons (11-5) needed the Heimlich Maneuver in their Super Bowl 51 choke job of a collapse against New England, but I think the Falcons will still put plenty of points on the board in 2017, not to mention the fact that they’ve got a favorable schedule. I like the Falcons to record home victories against the Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, Vikings, Bills and Dolphins and road wins against the Lions, Bears, Jets and….wait for it….the New England Patriots, to finish at 10-6.

Green Bay Packers 10 Wins

Analysis: The Packers will have a good hot to make a deep playoff run in 2017 if only because they have the incomparable Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Combine that with the fact that the Packers have a manageable schedule and I can see them recording 11 wins by beating going 4-2 in their six NFC North divisional matchups while beating the Saints, Buccaneers, Ravens and Bengals at home and the Falcons, Browns and Cowboys on the road.Pick: 11 Wins