Expert Analysis of the 2019 NFL Season Players Futures.

Expert Analysis of the 2019 NFL Season Players Futures

Written by on July 15, 2019

Prior to the start of NFL training camps across the country, fans and pundits like to start breaking down each team in the league to try and figure out how things might go for them in the coming season. There are a lot of different things to take into account when making these predictions, but it generally all begins with how each of their star players performs.

The teams that get the best out of their stars are very often the ones that are making a deep run in the playoffs. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at three different player categories and the NFL Betting favorites in each.

Expert Analysis of the 2019 NFL Season Players Futures

Most Regular Season Passing Yards

As it stands at the moment, it is Patrick Mahomes (+400) who is in as the favorite to have the most regular season passing yards in 2019, and while he is a good pick, you do have to wonder about a potential sophomore slump. Will opposing defensive coordinators now have enough film to do a better job of slowing him down? Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck are both in at the same price (+400) as Mahomes, but of those two, I think it is Luck who is more likely to have better numbers. He looked fully healthy last season and while likely be even better this year.

Aaron Rodgers is available at +650, but the Green Bay Packers look like a team in transition, so I am not sold. Ben Roethlisberger looks to be the steal here at +750. He had the most passing yards last season, and with questions about the Steelers running game this season, expect him to be chucking it around a lot again this year.

2018 Leaders

  • 1-Ben Roethlisberger 5129
  • 2-Patrick Mahomes 5097
  • 3-Matt Ryan 4924
  • 4-Jared Goff 4688
  • 5-Andrew Luck 4593

Most Regular Season Rushing Yards

Over the past few years, the NFL has become a pass-happy league, and while that is not likely to change anytime soon, every team still needs a good running back. In terms of favorites for most rushing yards this season, it is last year’s winner, Ezekiel Elliot, who is once again the favorite at +260.Ezekiel Elliot looks to have an amazing 2019 NFL Season.

Hot on his heels in the eyes of the bookies is Saquon Barkley (+300), a player who had an outstanding rookie season with over 1300 yards. He is a player with the opportunity to really improve that number this season, which is why I like him to win in this category. Other players who need to be considered are Todd Gurley (+1400) and Derrick Henry (+1200). An interesting bet here might be LeVeon Bell at +1200. After sitting out all of last year, he will come in fresh, but can he post big numbers with the New York Jets?

2018 Leaders

  • 1-Ezekiel Elliot 1434
  • 2-Saquon Barkley 1307
  • 3-Todd Gurley 1251
  • 4-Joe Mixon 1168
  • 5-Chris Carson 1151

Most Regular Season Receiving Yards

Last season’s receiving yards race was a tight one, with Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons edging out Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints by a mere 65 yards. Jones is the favorite to repeat this season at odds of +400, while Thomas is a little further down the odds chart at +1000. DeAndre Hopkins was not far off the pace either last season, with the Texans WR in at +600 this year.

The best odds on the board, at least in my opinion, right now sees JuJu Smith Schuster of the Steelers in at +1000. He is going to be Roethlisberger’s #1 target now that Antonio Brown is gone, so look for him to improve upon the 1426 yards he had last season.

2018 Leaders

  • 1-Julio Jones 1677
  • 2-DeAndre Hopkins 1572
  • 3-Mike Evans 1524
  • 4-Tyreek Hill 1479
  • 5-JuJu Smith-Schuster 1426