Four NFL Super Bowl Betting Options to Improve Your Winnings

Four NFL Super Bowl Betting Options to Improve Your Winnings

Billions of dollars are bet on the Super Bowl every year. Prop bets are becoming very popular when it comes to the Super Bowl. There are hundreds of prop bets that you can bet on for every Super Bowl.

When looking at what to bet on for the Super Bowl, we have come up with four things that we think can help you win a lot of money. Three of them are prop bets, while the other one is who will win the Super Bowl.

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4 Super Bowl Bets That Will Duplicate Your Winnings

Super Bowl MVP

If you’re looking to make some easy money, look no further than picking the game’s Most Valuable Player. More times than not, the winning team’s quarterback is the MVP of the game.

However, wide receivers have been named the MVP seven times in the Super Bowl era, while running backs have won the award six times. With only four quarterbacks remaining in the field, three of them have legitimate shots at winning the award. If San Francisco were to get into the Super Bowl, I would look at either Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow for the MVP.

Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t throw the ball very often, and San Francisco relies heavily on their ground game. Bettors better hope that San Francisco wins the NFC, and then they have a great shot at winning this bet with the AFC quarterback.

The Star Spangled Banner

While it has yet to be announced who will sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl, one thing is for sure; there will be a lot of betting action on the length of the song.

Over the past few years, the length of the National Anthem has become one of the most popular prop bets. While in the last 15 years, the over has hit eight times, and the under has hit six times with one push, we do know one thing, two minutes seems to be the magic time.

Seven of the last nine anthems have come in over the two minutes, so this is a trend that is worth looking at. Depending on the artist and the set time, this is something worth watching.

Quarterback Passing Yards

Of the four teams remaining in the field, three of the four are pass-dominant teams. With that being the case, unless the number is astronomically high, we’d go with the over.

Already in this postseason, Patrick Mahomes has hit the over in both of his games. Take a look at the matchup, and if it’s one that you really like, we would lean towards taking the over.

Defense Wins Championships

This is a motto that many people live and die by. In looking at the remaining teams, the two NFC teams have very good defenses, while the AFC teams are more offense-oriented.

San Francisco is arguably the best defensive team remaining in the field. They’ve knocked off two of the top offenses in the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. With this being the case, we’d lean heavily on taking the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. 


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