2022 NFL Betting Analysis and Ranking of Each Team's QB Situation Heading Into the New Season

2022 NFL Betting Analysis and Ranking of Each Team’s QB Situation Heading Into the New Season

There is no such thing as a bad NFL starting quarterback. If you’re good enough to play quarterback in the NFL, you can’t be bad. But although there are no bad quarterbacks, there are A grade, B grade, and C grade quarterbacks. Check out the QB situation for each team along with grades so you can continue planning your bets against the NFL Betting Lines

Grading the QB Situation for Each NFL Team This 2022-23 Season

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

NFL teams that get an A

Buffalo Bills – Three players with starters experience sit in Buffalo’s QB room. Josh Allen is the NFL MVP favorite, Case Keenum has played in the league for a while, and so has third-string Matt Barkley.  

Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson remains one of the most gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. Tyler Huntley might be the best backup in the league.  

Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow took the Bengals to the Super Bowl last season. Backup Brandon Allen isn’t the worst choice to sit behind Cool Joe.  

Denver Broncos – Russell Wilson should have one of the best seasons of his career. Backups Josh Johnson and Brett Rypien are high-level, meaning they could fill in for Russell no problem should Denver’s QB1 suffer an injury.  

Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert should throw close to 5,000 passing yards and close to 40 TDs this season. Backup Chase Daniel has experience playing for both Andy Reid and Sean Payton. 

Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes has won a Super Bowl and gone to another. Chad Henne is one of the greatest backups to ever play in the league.   

Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott can win the NFL MVP. He’s that good. Backup Cooper Rush started a couple of games last season and won. 

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers won 2 straight NFL MVP awards. Jordan Love isn’t very good. But he won’t play unless Rodgers gets hurt and AR is so good the Packers get an A. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tom Brady had one of the best seasons of his career in 2021. Blaine Gabbert has starters’ experience. Kyle Trask is a solid third QB.  

NFL teams that get a B

Miami Dolphins – The jury is out on Tua Tagovailoa. The backups are meaningless because unless Tua takes the next step, the Dolphins won’t make the playoffs. 

New England Patriots – Matt Jones is a legit QB1. But he must be better this season than last if the Patriots hope to ensure a playoff spot.  

Indianapolis Colts – Matt Ryan will get a bust in the hall of fame someday. Today, though, he’s a 37 year old quarterback. How much does Matty Ice have left in the tank?

Jacksonville Jaguars – Many NFL analysts expect Trevor Lawrence to take a major forward step. Taking a big step means he goes from a C to a B. So, yes, Lawrence will be better.  

Tennessee Titans – There’s nothing wrong with Ryan Tannehill. If he doesn’t perform well, Malik Willis is waiting in the wings to take his job. 

Las Vegas Raiders – Derek Carr is a borderline A quarterback. But Carr must take the Raiders further in the playoffs. Buddy Davante Adams wearing a Vegas jersey should help.  

Philadelphia Eagles – If Hurts turns into a passing quarterback who can also run for 1,000 yards in a season ala Josh Allen, there will be an A in his future.  

Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousins, like Derek Carr, is a borderline A. The problem is that Cousins doesn’t seem to have the ability to win games for Minnesota. Cousins has trouble rallying his mates. 

New Orleans Saints – If Jameis Winston has a great season, he’ll leap to the A category. The backups are terrific, former Cincinnati starter Andy Dalton and ultra-quick Taysom Hill.  

San Francisco 49ers – Yep, going on a limb and saying Trey Lance is a B. Sure, he doesn’t have a ton of experience, but we’ve got the feeling he has a great season. 

Arizona Cardinals – Some would make Kyler Murray an A. Right now, he isn’t. Yes, he’s got the big contract and the Cardinals had some success in 2021, but Murray tailed off towards the end of the season.  

Los Angeles Rams – Matthew Stafford isn’t an A quarterback? Here’s the thing. Staff is suffering from an elbow injury. He says it’s fine. But do we really know if it is? Also, the backups aren’t good enough to pick up the slack. So if Staff misses any time, the Rams are toast.  

Washington Commanders – Eagles fans and Colts fans are clamoring for a C. But Carson Wentz is a good quarterback under the right situation. Not only that, but if Carson falters, Taylor Heinicke will step up like he did last season as the starter.  

NFL teams that get a C

New York Jets – Zach Wilson got hurt last season. He got hurt in the Jets’ first preseason game in 2022. Joe Flacco is a decent backup, but Flacco is 37.

Cleveland Browns – Deshaun Watson can’t play the first 11 Cleveland games. Jacoby Brissett is a quality backup, one of the best in the NFL. But he’s not a starter.  

Pittsburgh Steelers – Kenny Pickett is going to need a season or two before he’s ready to start. In the meantime, Mitch Trubisky will do a mediocre job. Not great, not horrendous, just okay.  

Houston Texans – Don’t be surprised if Davis Mills has a good enough season to become a B. Mills has talent. For now, Davis remains a C.  

New York Giants – Like Mills, Daniel Jones can leapfrog into a B. Jones, though, must prove he can run Brian Daboll’s intricate offense. So think Josh Allen-lite. If Jones does that, he might go all the way to an A.   

Chicago Bears – We don’t know how good Justin Fields is. He might be the next Patrick Mahomes. He could be the next Jameis Winston. Either way, Fields’ C status shouldn’t last after this season.  

Detroit Lions – At times Jared Goff plays like an A. At other times, he plays like a B. Most of the time, Goff plays like a C.  

Atlanta Falcons – Marcus Mariota could never get past the injuries and Desmond Ridder is a rookie, which is why both are Cs.  

Carolina Panthers – Baker Mayfield should be a B, but coach Matt Ruhle may not start the former Heisman Trophy winner. Sam Darnold should be a backup. Darnold should never start another NFL game in his career unless he’s the only option.  

Seattle Seahawks – Neither Geno Smith nor Drew Lock are true starters. Both are quality backups who will always find a job somewhere in the league. But neither should start.


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