NFL 2021 Arizona Cardinals Betting Options Analysis

NFL 2021 Arizona Cardinals Betting Options Analysis

This season, Arizona Cardinals fans expect big things. Kyler Murray appears ready to take the next step while DeAndre Hopkins should continue to dominate secondaries. The defense got a huge boost after signing future hall of fame defensive end JJ Watt. Check out our Arizona Cardinals’ analysis where we tell you which future plays on AZ are fair, underlaid or overlaid so you can bet against their NFL odds.

Arizona Cardinals 2021 Season Options to Bet On

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Cardinals to Win Super Bowl 56  +4000

The Cardinals are a solid squad. The problem? The NFC is loaded with talented teams. Arizona must beat Tampa Bay, Green Bay, and probably two of the teams in their own division, the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams. Oh, yes, the Seattle Seahawks aren’t a bad team, either. Then, if the Cardinals win the NFC, they’re likely to battle the Chiefs or Bills in the Super Bowl. 

Cardinals Super Bowl 56 Odds: Underlay 

Cardinals NFC Championship +1800

Arizona has a decent shot to make the playoffs, which makes them one of the teams capable of winning the conference. The +1800 aren’t underlay odds. They aren’t overlay odds, because winning the conference won’t be easy. Let’s say +1800 are fair odds. If you believe in the Cardinals, you are getting fair odds on them to win the NFC.  

Cardinals NFC Championship Odds: Fair  

Cardinals Worst Regular Season Record +5000

This won’t happen. Even if Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins miss the season due to injury, the Cards are deep enough, Colt McCoy is the backup quarterback and AJ Green is on the team, to win at least 5 games. 

Detroit and Houston may not win a single game. So expect odds closer to +6000 to +65000 before backing the Cardinals to suck more than any other squad in the league.  

Cardinals Worst Regular Season Record Odds: Underlay 

Cardinals NFC West Division +400

There are 4 teams in the division. All 4 teams are good enough to take the division crown. The Cardinals might be better than the Seahawks and 49ers this season. The Rams should win the division at +200. But Arizona could even upset the Rams and take the division. The odds make Zona an overlay. 

Cardinals NFC West Division Odds: Overlay

Kliff Kingsbury Coach of the Year +2800

The odds don’t make Kingsbury an underlay. He’s also not an overlay. Many expect the Cardinals to improve from last season, which means at least 9 wins and a trip to the playoffs. When coaches do what’s expected, they don’t win awards. Then again, if the Cardinals lose 3 to 4 games in a 17-game season and win their division over LAR, San Francisco, and Seattle, the coach of the year hardware belongs to Kliff. So the odds are fair. 

Kliff Kingsbury Coach of the Year Odds: Fair

Kyler Murray NFL MVP Odds +1800 

Few quarterbacks, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, and Lamar Jackson are the others, mean as much to their team as Kyler Murray. Murray will succeed both on the ground and through the air. Adding AJ Green will tremendously help Murray’s MVP cause. 

Allen and Mahomes have a better shot of winning the MVP over Kyler. Prescott and Jackson don’t, which is why Murray is an overlay at +1800.  

Kyler Murray NFL MVP: Overlay 

Arizona Cardinals Regular Season Wins

  • Over 8 ½ +100
  • Under 8 ½ -130

The schedule is tough, no doubt. But the Cardinals have a real shot of winning up to 10 games. They should win at least eight, Houston, Jacksonville, Detroit, Carolina, Minnesota, Seattle at home and San Francisco at home should be victories. 

That’s seven. The other two wins should come among games versus Indianapolis, Dallas, Chicago, Green Bay, or a split with the Rams. If Arizona wins 2-of-5, they win 9 games. 

Cardinals Regular Season Wins Pick: Over 8 ½ +100 

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