NFL 2022 Arizona Cardinals Betting Tips for the Upcoming Season

NFL 2022 Arizona Cardinals Betting Tips for the Upcoming Season

In 2021, the Arizona Cardinals started the season on a 7-game winning streak. But the good times didn’t last. Arizona ended the season losing 6-of-10 and barely sneaking into the playoffs. Then in their first playoff game, the Rams decimated Zona 34-11. Will the Cards improve off the magical 2021? Or has the window already closed on this talented team? Check out NFL Betting picks and analysis for Arizona in our 2022 Cardinals season betting guide.  

Cardinals 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Arizona Cardinals Over/Under 9.5

At first glance, the game total seems low. Last season, Arizona had won ten games by the fourteenth week. So 9.5 seems very low.

But a second look reveals that the 2022 Arizona Cardinals aren’t the same as the 2021 version. First, star player DeAndre Hopkins must sit out 6 weeks due to a suspension. 

Without Hopkins, Kyler Murray should struggle. Murray could have issues even when Hopkins returns. It looked like defensive coordinators had figured Kyler out towards the end of last season.

In addition, the schedule is brutal. The Cardinals face Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles in their first three games. Tampa Bay and New Orleans is on the schedule. So are the Broncos and Chargers.

Those teams are in addition to the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers twice. Under looks like the best play.   

Total Game Pick: Under 

Arizona to win the NFC West +340 

The Los Angeles Rams recently made Aaron Donald the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history. With Donald motivated and ready to show why he might be the best defensive lineman to ever play in the NFL, the Rams should easily win the NFC West.

But that doesn’t mean Arizona is an underlay at +340. In fact, Zona is the second best pick on the board to win the division.

Here’s the thing. The 49ers will start an inexperienced quarterback and the Seattle Seahawks are in rebuild mode. So if the Rams implode, the Cardinals should be there to take the division title. 

NFC West Odds: Fair  

Arizona to win the NFC Conference +1775 

The odds are much too short on Arizona to win the NFC. The Cardinals aren’t better than the Rams, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Dallas, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and possibly even Minnesota. Add in the ridiculous schedule and Arizona is an underdog to make the playoffs. Winning the conference is going to be much tougher than the odds imply. Super Bowl Odds: Underlay

Arizona to win the Super Bowl +3900

The odds make Arizona an underdog, which they are. But although they don’t have much shot of winning the Super Bowl, the odds might be worth it if you disagree with the assessment regarding the Arizona Cardinals.

The +1775 to win the NFC are too low because Arizona must beat multiple teams to win the conference. Ah, but the Super Bowl is a single game.

So if you believe the Arizona Cardinals won’t take a backwards step and, in fact, will make the playoffs and have a real good shot of winning the NFC, +3900 are fair odds.  

Super Bowl Odds: Fair 

QB Kyler Murray to win NFL MVP +3000

+3000 odds are too low. Expect more value on Murray to win the NFL MVP. Aaron Rodgers won’t miss a beat, Josh Allen should be as fantastic as he was last season, and Patrick Mahomes is motivated to get back to the Super Bowl.

There’s also Joe Burrow in Cincinnati and Russell Wilson in Denver. If you hadn’t noticed, those are just quarterbacks ahead of Kyler Murray with a shot to win the NFL MVP.

Running backs Jonathan Taylor in Indianapolis and Tennessee star Derrick Henry can win MVP. So can wide receivers Davante Adams in Las Vegas and Rams’ star Cooper Kupp. 

Now that Aaron Donald is getting paid like a QB, he too should be in the running for most valuable player. If Kyler’s odds drift to around +45000, he might be worth a look, but only if you believe Arizona surprises everyone and pushes the Rams for the NFC West title. 

NFL MVP Odds: Underlay 


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