Payton's Last Bowl is one that is very interesting to say the least.

Should Bettors Care if SB50 is Peyton Manning’s Last Game?

Written by on February 3, 2016

There has been a ton of talk the past 10 days about whether or not Super Bowl 50 will be the final game of Peyton Manning’s career. If it is, he will go out with a bang, at least taking his team to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in his career. With a win, Manning would pick up his second title. The betting lines at have been saying that the Panthers have the better chances as big -6 point spread favorites. This has been a huge storyline, but should bettors care if Super Bowl 50 is Peyton Manning’s last game? 

Manning Retiring Makes for a Good Super Bowl 50 Story

Sometimes, you need to take into account the storylines going into the game. This is a story line that is too hard to pass up. Many people are all over the Carolina Panthers, and for good reason. The Panthers are a great team, that has been playing fantastic football all season long. It’s not like the Carolina Panthers are a flash in the pan, and have gotten hot at the right time. From the beginning of the season to the end of the season, Carolina has been the best team in football. But, this storyline could be too good to be true. Peyton Manning couldn’t possible go out of the game getting blown out in yet another Super Bowl, could he?

Yes, Bettors Should Care About Manning Retirement

Yes, bettors should care if Super Bowl 50 is Peyton Manning’s last game. It means a lot to the sports world, and frankly means a bunch to the betting world. Also, keep in mind there are going to be people betting on the Broncos just because, they love Peyton Manning, or think Manning is going to have a revitalized game. Be sure to separate between those type of bettors and the wise bettors on this game.

True Icon of the Game, true contest for the odd makers

Also, Peyton Manning is an icon in the game of football. No matter what he does from this point forward, he is going to the National Football League Hall of Fame. There is no doubt about it. So, if you are a bettor that loves the game of football, yes, this is a big deal to you, and should be taken serious. If he wins the big game he will surpass Brett Favre as the NFL Quarterback with most career wins (currently tied at 186), just to add up to his already long list of personal accomplishments in the league; as he is already the quarterback with most career touchdowns passes (539).

Odds and Pick for Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl 50 odds have been moving all over the board in the past week. currently has the Carolina Panthers -6 over the Denver Broncos. The game total is set at 45.5 currently.Regardless of Peyton Manning’s plans after this Super Bowl, we don’t think he’ll have enough to stick with Cam Newton and the Panthers this game. The Panthers should run away with this game, potentially by double digits. Our pick and prediction is Carolina 35 – Denver 21.No matter who you are betting on, there will still be two teams battling it out on Sunday for the right to call themselves the winners of Super Bowl 50. The NFL will continue on regardless of what Manning does after this season. But, asking the question: Should Bettors Care if Super Bowl 50 is Peyton Manning’s Final Game or not is an easy one, and the answer will remain the same every time: YES.