NFL Bold Betting Predictions for Week 14 through Week 18

NFL Bold Betting Predictions for Week 14 through Week 18

A lot can happen in the final five weeks of the current NFL season. Will Arizona remain the best team in the NFC? Can Kanas City overtake New England and grab the 1-seed in the AFC? Check out six top bold NFL Betting predictions for the last weeks of the NFL’s regular season. 

Bold NFL Predictions for the Last Weeks of the Regular Season

NFL Week 14  – Week 18

  • When: Thursday, Dec. 9 – Sunday, Jan. 9

Indianapolis will overtake Tennessee and win the AFC South

Heading into Week 14, the Titans have an 8-4 record. The Colts’ record is 7-6. But although Indianapolis must make up a couple of games on their division rival, Indianapolis, by far, is in much better form.

Indy blew a 10-point lead in a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If not for that game, the Colts would be a single contest behind the Titans. Almost as important is the fact the Titans have lost two straight heading into this Sunday.

One of the losses was to the terrible Houston Texans. So don’t hand Tennessee the AFC South division title just yet. 

The Patriots lock down the AFC’s top seed

Monday night’s victory over the Buffalo Bills proves the Patriots are for real. Beating Josh Allen and the Bills in Buffalo is difficult enough.

Beating Buffalo when your rookie quarterback throws just 3 passes sounds downright impossible. But that’s what Team Belichick pulled off.

The victory was New England’s seventh straight. The Patriots face the Colts, Bills, Jaguars, and Dolphins in the final four games. Only the Colts should pose an issue, which means New England should end the season with a 12-5 record. 

At 12-5, the Patriots will be in line for the conference’s 1-seed. 

Pittsburgh wins the AFC North

Many NFL handicappers, including this one, were down on the Steelers to start the season. Pittsburgh didn’t seem to have a shot versus Baltimore, Cleveland, or Cincinnati.

After 13 weeks, though, the Steelers are 6-5-1 and a game and a half behind the Baltimore Ravens for first place in the AFC North. Pittsburgh finishes their season versus the Vikings, Titans, Chiefs, Browns, and Ravens.

Kansas City should beat Pittsburgh. The Vikings and Titans shouldn’t. The Ravens might not. Worst case scenario? The Steelers end up with an 8-6-1 record, which will give them a big chance to win the division. 

The Packers secure the top seed in the NFC

The battle for the NFC’s top seed is coming down to 10-2 Arizona, and Tampa Bay and Green Bay, both at 9-3. 

There’s a chance Zona wins out and claims the top seed. There’s also a chance Tampa grabs the 1, but the likeliest thing to happen is Green Bay winning out and securing homefield advantage.

The Packers take on the Bears, Ravens, Browns, Vikings, and Lions in their final games. Green Bay has no reason not to go 5-0 in their final five contests. Give the Packers the biggest chance to secure the NFC’s 1-seed. 

Washington overtakes Dallas and wins the NFC East

This might be our gutsiest prediction. Dallas started the season dominating opponents, but since starting the season 6-1 straight up, the Cowboys have sort of fallen apart, losing 3-of-5.

The loss against Kanas City is understandable. But the Thanksgiving overtime dud versus the Raiders and the home loss against the Broncos are trouble signs.

The WFT and the Boys play twice in the final five weeks. If Washington pulls off the victory on Dec. 12, they’ll be within a game of Dallas for the NFC East lead. 

Washington has won 4 straight since their bye. So don’t discount the Football Team’s chances of not only winning in NFL Week 14, but also overtaking Dallas and winning the division.  

The Los Angeles Rams lose 4-of-5 and miss the playoffs

No team has a more difficult schedule down the stretch than the Los Angeles Rams. The 8-4 Rams take on the Cardinals, who already spanked them 37-20, in Week 14.

In Week 15, the Rams host the rejuvenated Seahawks. A week later, LAR must beat the Vikings in Minnesota. NFL Week 17 pits the Rams against the Ravens, who will be fighting like mad to hold off the Steelers and possibly the Bengals, in Baltimore. Then in the final week, Los Angeles must beat the rival San Francisco 49ers. 

Sure, the Rams could win 4-of-5. There’s a greater chance that LAR loses 4-of-5. Also, don’t be fooled by the Rams’ 37-7 victory over the Jaguars.

The offensive line remains average, which is bad news because all five of their remaining opponents have decent pass rushes. Even at 8-4, the Los Angeles Rams aren’t a lock to make the playoffs. 


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