NFL 2021 Season: Chicago Bears at Seattle Betting Prediction & Pick

NFL 2021 Season: Chicago Bears at Seattle Betting Prediction & Pick

Looking back, this has been a season to forget for both teams in our matchup this week. Both teams were expecting to be in different positions in Week 16 in the NFL season. The Chicago Bears have been eliminated from playoff contention already, and the Seahawks are close to joining them. It’s time to check our NFL Betting analysis for the upcoming match between the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks.

NFL Betting Preview for Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks

The performance by the Chicago Bears is less as disappointing than the Seahawks because many saw this coming from outside the organization. The Bears coaching staff and front office have failed this organization by doing nothing to the roster.

The Bears made a great move to draft Justin Fields but put no pieces around him to help. A new coach and general manager would do wonders for this team. 

If Seattle Seahawk fans thought this season was bad, next year just might be that much worse. For the Seahawks, the games with Russell Wilson may be numbered.

There are many rumors flying around that Seattle is looking to trade Wilson and possibly rebuild their team. The Seahawks would need a boatload in return, but there are many teams that would do anything for a quarterback like that. 

Chicago Bears Betting Preview: Hit the road Jack

This season was an absolute disaster for the Chicago Bears. Those inside the organization may be surprised, but those outside are not. Besides drafting Justin Fields, what else did the Bears front office do to better their roster?

Their front line was still terrible. The defense is still aging and cannot perform as it used to. They brought in no weapons to help Fields, and the weapons they do have, they did not use. Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace deserve to be fired. 

This is the only way to save this organization and to save the career of Justin Fields. If the Bears do not fire both Nagy and Pace, then they have failed their quarterback of the future.

Pace is not good at drafting, as we have seen, and fails to bring in big free agents. He has traded most draft capital they have, which does not help. 

The rest of the season is still important to get Justin Fields reps and game time, but at the end of the season, the Bears need to bring in a coach who can utilize and develop Fields.

Matt Nagy was supposed to be an offensive mastermind, and he has yet to show that. The Bears have had one good season under Nagy, and it accumulated to nothing after the “double doink.” 

Seattle Seahawks Betting Preview: Prepare for life after Wilson

At the end of the day, the rumors of Wilson being traded could be all smoke and mirrors. The Seahawks could easily make a few signings on the offensive side of the ball and the defensive side to turn it around.

You can tell that Russell Wilson is not 100% healthy either. The Seahawks have to trade Wilson for him to leave. 

The play from the Seahawks has been disappointing, but they still have enough room to make a run in this division. Looking to next year, the Seahawks need to build on their offensive line and to find an everyday running back.

So far, they do not have either of those. They do have DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, two reliable wide receivers. 

The defense needs a few tweaks here and there, but overall they seem to be better than they were a year ago. As mentioned, the Seahawks have to pull the trigger on a trade for Russell Wilson.

It has to be a mutual agreement for both the Seahawks, Wilson, and the other team. Do not be surprised if he is moved through. 

Betting Pick

This will be an interesting game to watch, as the money line favorite shows more of a favorite than the point spread. This game could come down to the wire and possibly a late drive or field goal. Both offenses are not playing well, looking for a low-scoring affair here. 

From what we saw last week out of Chicago, this team is a mess both offensively and defensively. The offense is in very bad shape because they do not use Fields properly. He has an arm and can run as well.

They need to let the young gun loose, but it will not be enough against the Seahawks this week.

Betting Pick: Seattle Seahawks – 275


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