NFL Conference Championships Betting Predictions Top Picks Heading Into Week 11

NFL Conference Championships Betting Predictions: Top Picks Heading Into Week 11

When I last wrote about my predictions for the conference winners in the NFL, I stated that I was not entirely confident about my selections with so much football still to be played. The events of NFL Week 10 proved my point exactly, as we saw something of a shake-up in both conferences. As we get ready to head into Week 11 of the season, the standings have changed, and some teams have seen their path to a conference win become a little tougher. Of course, we probably still have a bunch of surprise results to come, as well as a few dark horse teams who might either slip into Super Bowl contention or fall off dramatically in the second half. I am going to take another run at the NFL Conference Championships Betting predictions, again with the caveat that my mind will likely be changed in the coming weeks.

Entering Week 11 of the NFL Season: Conference Winner Betting Predictions


Are the Buffalo Bills, the preseason favorite to win both the AFC and the Super Bowl, in trouble? Back-to-back losses and a potentially troublesome injury to Josh Allen suggests that they might be. They are now down in the #6 spot in the AFC, but I still think they can find a way back and move back up. Whether that means a move to #1 remains to be seen, as there are a couple of teams who look better equipped to take that spot.

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs look like the teams most likely to contend for the #1 seed and the automatic bye that it brings. Given their recent history, you would have to think that the Chiefs are in prime position to win the top spot, with home field advantage through the playoffs an obvious advantage.

The Titans, Ravens, and Jets, look to be in good shape in terms of the playoffs, with the Jets cementing my faith in them with a win over Buffalo last weekend. I am still sticking with the Bills to make the Super Bowl for now, but they are on shaky ground.


The Philadelphia Eagles finally lost their first game of the season this past weekend, in what was a surprising defeat at the hands of the Washington Commanders. That now means that they are tied with the surging Minnesota Vikings at 8-1. It is going to be interesting to see how the Eagles bounce back from that loss. Will they shake it off, or are we looking at a team about to head into a slump? I think they will be just fine.

The Vikings are an interesting proposition. The knock on QB Kirk Cousins was that he could not win big games, but he has a few big feathers in his cap this season. The Giants and Cowboys are the only two other teams in the NFC that I think are playoff locks, although I do think we are starting to see the Buccaneers get their act together.

All of that said, who get’s the #1 seed? I think it might well be the Vikings, but I do still have a sneaking suspicion that the Cowboys might make a late run. In terms of going to the Super Bowl, I am reserving judgement on that, at least for the moment.


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