NFL 2022 Denver Broncos Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

NFL 2022 Denver Broncos Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

Heading into June, the Denver Broncos have fallen to under +2000 odds to win the Super Bowl. Not only that, but because the Broncos won the Russell Wilson sweepstakes, their win-loss total has risen to over 10 games. Check out an NFL Team Totals odds analysis and pick regarding Denver’s chances to win over 10 ½ games. 

Denver Broncos Win/Loss Total Prediction for the Upcoming Season | NFL Betting

2022-2023 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023
  • Denver Broncos Total Win / Losses Odds: 10 ½ 

Why the Denver Broncos will win more than 10 ½ games

Russell Wilson makes the difference. The former Seattle Seahawks quarterback changes Denver’s offense. Not only is Russell one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but the Broncos will also field one of the best group of wide receivers.

On paper, Wilson should have his very best season as a pro. In addition the defense is one of the best in the league. 

Why the Denver Broncos won’t win more than 10 ½ games

Wilson makes the Broncos better, but he has no say in who the Broncos must play during the regular season. Every team in the AFC West, Denver, Kansas City, the L.A. Chargers, and Las Vegas, are good enough to win the division.

So the Broncos must play 8 games versus teams that can beat them. This season, the Broncos must also play the Rams, the Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Carolina, Seattle, the New York Jets, Jacksonville, and Arizona are the only for sure wins on the schedule. 

Final Betting Analysis: Will the Broncos win 11 games or more?

The Denver Broncos may be the best team in the loaded AFC West. The Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers will be good. 

But Denver will have a better defense than any of those three teams. The offense should be on par with KC’s. So we must give Denver a huge chance to win over 10.

However, the Broncos will fall short.  10 games appears to be the max for this excellent team. The problem is that we can’t expect the Broncos to beat the Raiders, Chiefs, or Chargers on the road. That’s three losses. 

The other four losses should happen versus San Francisco, Tennessee, the Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore, and Indianapolis. Denver could lose all five.

And then, we’re assuming the Broncos beat the teams they should beat: the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Seahawks hosts Denver in Week 1. Wilson is back in Seattle. That’s not a lock win. But even if it is, Denver must beat the Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs at home as well as beat the Seahawks, Panthers, Jaguars, Cardinals, and Jets to come close to winning 11 games. 

Any way we cut it, winning 11 is going to be difficult. Best case scenario is the Denver Broncos win 10 games. So 10 ½ makes under the better play.     

Denver Broncos Win-Loss Total Pick: Under 10 ½ games


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