NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Deshaun Could Get 1-Year Suspension, Mason Rudolph Might Go to Detroit

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Deshaun Could Get 1-Year Suspension, Mason Rudolph Might Go to Detroit

The NFL Rumor mill was in full force last week. The Steelers may be shipping one of their three quarterbacks to Detroit, an NFL insider squashed one of the most important rumors floating, and a decision regarding Deshaun Watson’s suspension is said to be imminent. Check out the latest happenings in the National Football League so you can continue making your bets against the NFL Odds

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We should soon learn Deshaun Watson’s fate

The most glaring issue heading into the new season is how many games Deshaun Watson must sit on the bench. The NFL appealed judge Sue L. Robinson’s initial 6-game ban. 

Since then, Watson has said he’d accept a longer suspension. The National Football League is hoping for at least a year suspension and a fine. 

Based on what Commissioner Roger Goodell and Watson has said, it appears a year suspension will almost certainly be the call. The fine could be another matter. 

As far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned, they’re willing to wait out Watson’s suspension. Keep reading for more details.

An NFL insider says the Browns won’t pursue 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo

A pro football insider said that Cleveland isn’t interested in pursuing Jimmy Garoppolo. San Francisco’s quarterback has been searching for a trade ever since Kyle Shanahan said the Niners would start former top draft pick Trey Lance at QB this season.

So far, no teams are biting on the injury-prone Super Bowl signal-caller. The Browns deciding to not pursue Jimmy G., even if Watson must sit out the entire season, makes sense. 

Garoppolo is due $26.5 million this season. Why trade for the quarterback when there’s an excellent chance that San Francisco cuts the QB?

SF should have taken our advice and traded Garoppolo while he was a hot commodity. Now that nobody wants to give up valuable assets for Jimmy G., the 49ers can’t give him away.  

Rumor has it the Steelers are in talks to ship QB Mason Rudolph to Detroit

The Pittsburgh Steelers are close to deciding to go with Mitch Trubisky and rookie Kenny Pickett this season, which means Mason Rudolph is on the trading block.

Rudolph, Pittsburgh’s backup to Ben Roethlisberger the past few seasons, has some skills. But Pickett played well in his first NFL preseason game. The former Pittsburgh Panther completed 13-of-15 versus the Seahawks for 95 yards and threw a pair of touchdowns. 

No doubt, Mike Tomlin wants Pickett to sit behind Trubisky for at least a season. But even if Pickett is the Steelers’ QB2, there won’t be room for Rudolph.

The Lions want Rudolph to back-up veteran Jared Goff. Detroit’s backups are Tim Boyle and David Blough. Rudolph is a major step up from both those bench warmers.  

With each passing day, Mayfield looks more like the Panthers’ QB1

Panthers’ quarterback Matt Rhule is quickly approaching the time when he must make a decision on which former top draft pick, Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield, will be his starting quarterback.

If the rumors from Carolina camp are true, it’s Baker’s job to lose. Mayfield has played great during training camp. Not only that, but he played well enough in the Panthers’ first preseason game, 4-of-7 for 47 yards, to suggest he’s the man Rhule goes with.

The Carolina head coach’s decision is huge. No doubt, if the Panther show no signs of progress this season, Matt Rhule’s days in Carolina will be numbered. Mayfield gives Rhule his best chance of fielding a winning team. So expect the beleaguered coach to go with Cleveland’s former signal-caller. 


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