Updated NFL Division Champions Betting Analysis: Odds Favorite, Smart Pick and Longshot Contender

Updated NFL Division Champions Betting Analysis: Odds Favorite, Smart Pick and Longshot Contender

Now that we’ve passed the halfway mark of the NFL season, we have a clearer picture of the favorites to win each division. Although there are a few that will be very competitive, some of the divisions have one team that has stood out early.

Let’s take a look at who the oddsmakers have made the favorites to win each division, and we’ll also make a few NFL Betting predictions as well.

NFL 2021 Division Winners (Fav, Smart, Longshot)


In the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills are the favorites to win the division at a -500. Even though their record is 5-3, and they are coming off of a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the oddsmakers love the Bills. If they don’t get their offense straightened up soon, the oddsmakers may be making some changes.

The Baltimore Ravens are favored to win the North at a -175. Until teams prove that they have a way to slow down Lamar Jackson, it will be hard not to go with the Ravens. Baltimore also has a very good defense, so that will make them even harder to beat.

Barring a miracle, we can’t see anyone beating Tennessee in the South. They are a -10000 to win the division. Even without Derrick Henry, the oddsmakers don’t think anyone else in the South can compete with the Titans.

Out West, the Los Angeles Chargers are the current favorites to win the division at a +130. With the Chiefs struggling, the oddsmakers have given the slight edge to Los Angeles.

Our smart pick in the AFC will go to the Cleveland Browns at a +450. Now that the Odell Beckham situation has gone away, we think the Browns will make a run at the Ravens. If Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb can get healthy, we really like the Browns.

As our longshot pick, we’re going to go with the Indianapolis Colts. At a +2000, we think they can make a run at Tennessee. Jonathan Taylor is a load, and the Colts’ defense isn’t as bad as they’ve shown this season. 


The Dallas Cowboys are a -1600 to win the East. They have played well this season, and the rest of the division is mediocre at best. If Dak Prescott plays well, we can’t see anyone taking the crown from “America’s Team.”

In the North, the Green Bay Packers are favored to win the division at a -2000. Unless something happens to Aaron Rodgers, we can’t see anyone else in the division that can unseat the Packers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a -800 ton win in the South. With Tom Brady and a high-powered offense, it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat Tampa Bay. New Orleans has a great defense, but we’re not sure if they have enough offense to unseat the champs.

Out West, the Arizona Cardinals are the oddsmaker’s pick to win the division title. They are a -225 to win. If they continue to play like they’re playing, they have a great shot at winning the division.

Speaking of the West, our smart pick is going to be the Los Angeles Rams at a +190. The Rams have a very good offense, and their defense is capable of being one of the best in the league. We think that Arizona will hit a wall, and the Rams will be the team that can overtake them.

Our longshot will be the New Orleans Saints at a +550 to win the South. If something were to happen to one of Tampa’s stars, the Saints could sneak in and take the division. New Orleans has a stellar defense, and if the offense can do its part, the Saints will win games. 


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