Intriguing Bets Heading to the 2017 NFL Season

Intriguing Bets Heading to the 2017 NFL Season

Written by on August 1, 2017

Good news for the Oakland Raiders for the 2017 NFL season. This year’s first-round pick, cornerback, Gareon Conley, was facing rape charges in Ohio but will now not be indicted by a grand jury. Although Conley can still be sued for sexual assault (with a much lower standard of proof), the case is now closed from the NFL’s perspective, because the behavior occurred before he was drafted by the Raiders. Thus he won’t be suspended. Conley slipped to No. 24 overall because of that rape hanging over him. Here are some intriguing 2017 Season bets for the coming weeks of NFL.

Intriguing Bets Heading to the 2017 NFL Season

Will Any Team Go 16-0?

No is -1500 and yes is +800. Of course only one team in NFL history has gone 16-0 in a regular season and that was the 2007 New England Patriots, who set all kinds of NFL offensive records that year. They were 18-0 entering the Super Bowl and double-digit favorites over the New York Giants but were stunned thanks to that memorable David Tyree helmet catch for New York. There’s really only one team that has a tiny chance of going 16-0 this year and that’s the Patriots, who are early NFL betting favorites in every regular season game. I don’t think Tom Brady or Bill Belichick care at all about 16-0. They just want to be healthy entering the playoffs and win another Super Bowl.Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater says he and his teammates laugh when reporters or fans broach the idea that they could win every game from Week One through Super Bowl LII.“When it comes to a perfect season, when you hear something like that, I guess all you can do is chuckle,” Slater said. “I mean, it’s just so hard to even go out and just being competitive in this league. It’s so difficult. Any talk of us doing something like that, it’s not something I’d align myself with orsomething our team would think or talk about.”

Will Any Team Go 0-16?

Yes is +1000 and no is -2500. While I wouldn’t recommend betting on the 16-0 prop, I might actually throw a few dollars down on this one. The only team in NFL history to finish 0-16 was the 2008 Detroit Lions. And you know what was interesting about that team? It was 4-0 in the preseason and led the NFL in point differential. That’s just more proof that the exhibition results don’t matter – it’s all about staying healthy and learning the system.I think three teams COULD go 0-16 in the 2017 NFL season, although I’m obviously not predicting it. That would be the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers because those clubs have the worst QB situations in the NFL. However, the Jets do visit the Browns in Week 5 so obviously one of those teams has to win – or I suppose they could tie. I would give the Jets shots to win home games vs. the Jaguars and Chargers as well.Cleveland should beat New York in that Week 5 game. It also might have a shot Week 4 vs. Cincinnati, Week 8 vs. Minnesota and Week 16 in Chicago. The 49ers? They won just twice last year and both were against the Rams. So if L.A. is a little better, the Niners are looking at 0-16 potentially. The only other chance I give them would be Week 16 vs. Jacksonville.

A Look at the 2017 NFL Odds for Interceptions and Sacks

Receiver Wins MVP Finally?

Did you know that a receiver has never won the NFL MVP Award? A few defensive players and even a kicker has. But no tight ends, offensive linemen or receivers. One would think that maybe Hall of Famer Jerry Rice might have won an MVP but never did. Is this the year it will happen? It would probably take at a minimum a receiver to become the first in NFL history with 2,000 yards while adding at least 15 touchdown catches – and his quarterback would have to throw a bunch of interceptions or miss a few games or else the QB would get all the MVP votes.The NFL’s two best receivers are easily Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown. You could probably put Odell Beckham in that class too. Jones, whose QB Matt Ryan won last year’s MVP, is +3300 to do so. Brown is the same price. Beckham is +6000.I probably can’t recommend betting a receiver to win MVP as quarterbacks get too much of the credit.Will a receiver get the MVP award this 2017 NFL season?

More NFL Props to Bet On

Highest Win Total by Any Team in Regular Season

Highest Loss Total by Any Team in Regular Season

Any Player to Break Regular Season Passing Yards Records

Any Player to Break Regular Season Passing Touchdowns Records

Any Player to Break Regular Season Rushing Yards Records

Final 2017 NFL Season Props Prediction

These season props are always interesting to watch, since there’s always a player that seems on the edge of breaking the records mentioned. But, then again, it’s like rolling the dice. Some players have great seasons, some others and some seasons are just a little stale. Anyway, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider these prop bets for the 2017 NFL season. If you’re looking to gear up for the season, then the time is now!