Kansas City Chiefs QB-WR Duo Expert Analysis

Kansas City Chiefs QB-WR Duo Expert Analysis

Written by on January 6, 2021

If you follow football at all, you will almost certainly have heard the old adage about defense winning championships. While defense certainly does play a part in a championship winning season, look back at the winners of the Super Bowl and see just how many of those teams had an elite QB steering the ship. Not only that, there is usually always a great receiver in the mix. Think of the likes of Montana/Rice, Brady/Gronkowski, and Manning/Harrison. Those were all legendary pairings, but are we seeing the genesis of another with Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill in Kansas City? Let’s find out so you can keep betting against their NFL odds.

Patrick Mahomes & Tyreek Hill: Can they win the Super Bowl?

Patrick Mahomes missed out on throwing for the most yards in the regular season after sitting out Week 16, alongside Hill and a few other starters. Still, he is without a doubt the best QB in the league and has a legit WR in Tyreek Hill. The thing with this duo, though, is that Mahomes has anther huge outlet in Travis Kelce, so even if a defense shuts down Hill, they rarely shut down Kelce, too. In fact, Kelce had more receiving yards than Hill, catching 105 passes for 1,416 yards versus the 1,276 that Hill posted. The difference, though, is that Tyreek hit that number with about 20 fewer catches. He also had 15 TD grabs versus 11 for Kelce.

Hill was instrumental in the Chiefs Super Bowl win last season, catching 9 passes for 105 yards, so there it would not be a surprise to see this tandem do it again.

What Other QB/WR Duo’s Could Be a Threat to the Chiefs?

While the duo of Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill have a proven track record of success in their time working together, they are certainly not the only tandem that could make it to the Super Bowl. On the AFC side, you cannot look beyond Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills. In their first season together, they have put up some fantastic numbers. Allen landed in the top 5 in passing yards, while Diggs led the way in receiving with 1,535 yards, to which he added 8 TD receptions.

Over in the NFC, you also need to talk about the duo on a team that could potentially represent that conference in the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers fell just outside the top 5 in pashing yards, but there was no doubt about his favorite receiver. Davante Adams had an outstanding year, hauling in 1,374 yards and leading the league with 18 TD catches.

With injuries to both Drew Brees and Michael Thomas, the Saints did not get enough of their dynamic duo, but they both look as though they will be healthy and ready to go for the playoffs. Do not count them out. We are also waiting to see the status of Mike Evans in Tampa after suffering a knee injury last weekend. That could have an impact on Tom Brady and the Bucs chances of getting to the Super Bowl.

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