2022 Las Vegas Raiders Betting Tips for the Upcoming NFL Season

2022 Las Vegas Raiders Betting Tips for the Upcoming NFL Season

There is no easy path to the playoffs in the NFL, although with the addition of an extra playoff spot in each conference last season, things have become a little more forgiving. The Las Vegas Raiders took advantage of that last season, picking up 10 wins and making it to the Wild Card before losing to the Cincinnati Bengals, who we all know went on to make it to the Super Bowl. The Raiders have made some very good offseason moves, the best of which was luring Davante Adams away from Green Bay. That’s a great weapon for Derek Carr to work with, but this is not going to be an easy season for the Raiders, as they are in a very tough division and have the 3rd toughest schedule in the league. Their win total is set at 8 ½ for the coming season, so let’s look at that and some of the other NFL Betting options.

Raiders 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide to Help You Bet On Their Odds

Raiders 2022 Win Total

As we have already mentioned, the Raiders have a tough road to the playoffs ahead of them. Their schedule starts off tough and doesn’t really let up all the way to the end. They don’t really have a stretch of games where they can rack up wins and build a little bit of confidence, so they are going to need to find a way to win those tough games.

Looking through the schedule, there are 6 of 7 games that you would certainly place under the winnable category, but even if they navigate those, they still need to find another 2 or 3 wins in their tougher games if they are to get over the win total. The Raiders will need to be better than their 5-4 home record last season, and if they can improve on that, there is a very good chance that they go OVER the 8 ½ win mark.

Raiders Division and Conference Odds

The AFC West Division looks to be brutal this season, with the Chiefs still consider the team to beat. That said, the Broncos have improved, and the Chargers also look very dangerous. As it stands at the moment, the Raiders are considered the longshot to win the West, as they are sitting at odds of +600. I think we are looking at a tight race in this division, but I also agree that the Raiders are going to have a tough time winning it. Realistically, they are looking at a Wild Card spot as their best chance to get in, which would likely mean having to hot double-digit wins.

Given that they are the longshot to win the division, the chances of them winning the AFC also seem rather slim. The bookies seem to agree, as the Raiders are in at odds of +1825 to win the conference. Again, I would be spending my betting money elsewhere rather than playing the Raiders in either the division or conference races.

Super Bowl Odds

All that matters during the regular season is doing enough to get into the playoffs. Anything can happen there, as proven by the run that the Bengals went on last year. The Raiders are in at odds of +181 to make the playoffs, so the bookies think it will be tough for them to get in. As far as the Super Bowl goes, you can get Las Vegas at odds of +2500 to win it all.


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