NFL NFC Conference Championship Lines Update Let the Postseason Begin

NFL NFC Conference Championship Lines Update: Let the Postseason Begin

Shortly after oddsmakers set a line on playoff teams to win the NFC, money dropped on both the 1-seed Philadelphia Eagles and the 2-seed San Francisco 49ers. The Eagles and Niners offer odds that are much lower than what third choice Dallas offers. After Dallas, there’s a big gap up to Tampa, who is at +1125. Is the top play to win the conference one of the two chalks? Is Dallas worth a look? Which underdog is the best play to win the NFC? Check out NFL NFC Conference Championship Odds, analysis, and free picks for teams to win the National Football Conference. 

Updated Odds to Win the NFC Championship and Top Betting Picks Worth A Shot

2023 NFL NFC Championship

  • When: Sunday, Jan. 29

Updated 2023 NFC Championship Odds to Win

First Pick: San Francisco 49ers +187

The three knocks against backing the 49ers is that they may be overextended after a 9-game winning streak, SF doesn’t have home field, and quarterback Brock Purdy is a rookie.

But if we look past all of those things, it’s apparent that San Francisco is the NFC’s best team. Not only that, but SF’s top rivals to win the conference also have knocks. 

In addition, it’s never a bad idea to side with the team that boasts the best defense in the NFL. San Francisco is more than a solid play to win the National Football Conference.   

Second Pick: Dallas Cowboys +540 

The odds on Dallas would be much lower if the Cowboys hadn’t lost to the rival Washington Commanders in NFL Week 18. Not only did Dallas lose, but the Boys lost to a team starting a rookie quarterback.

Those aren’t good signs the Cowboys have what it takes to win the NFC, but, sometimes, a team requires a loss to get it out of their system. Dallas knows what they must do to get by Tampa Bay on Monday.

If the Cowboys can put one playoff game in the bank, they’ll ride high to their divisional round contest. Dallas remains one of the most talented teams in the NFL. So for many of us, the +540 odds are too good to ignore. 

Third Pick: Philadelphia Eagles +174

Philadelphia secured home field advantage throughout the NFC Playoffs with a gritty, hard fought, victory over the rival New York Giants in NFL Week 18.

Winning a tough game is always a good thing. In this case, it’s also cause for concern. Philly had rolled through their opponents this season. But the Eagles struggled against a NYG squad that rested their best offensive and defensive players.

The 22-16 Philly win exposed the Eagles. Philadelphia’s defense is good but not great. Jalen Hurts did not look good. At the low odds, Philly is a play against unless you truly believe.  

Best Underdog Pick: New York Giants +2600

Speaking of the team the Eagles beat in week 18, the New York Giants is the top underdog play to win the NFC. The Giants face Minnesota on Sunday.

The Vikings required a 61-yard field goal from Gregg Joseph to take down the Giants in a week 16 matchup. For sure, the Giants can beat the Vikings.

Then if the Giants face the Eagles, we already discussed how Philly struggled to beat a Giants squad playing without Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and linebacker Kayvon Thibodeuax. If  you’re looking to bet an underdog, Brian Daboll’s team can get it done. 


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