NFL Offensive Players Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 13

NFL Offensive Players Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 13

Heading into Sunday’s slate of NFL Week 12 games, there’s a new leader atop the quarterback player rankings. Rankings are based on yards, which is why Las Vegas Raiders’ signal-caller Derrick Carr leads the quarterback rankings. Carr played on Thanksgiving Thursday. Will Carr maintain his lead at least for this week? Check out what we think about the LV quarterback’s chances to continue leading in total passing yards as well as our thoughts about the NFL top five in rushing yards and receiving yards. Let’s jump right into action so you can continue making your bets against the NFL odds.

Top NFL Week 13 Offensive Players Rankings

Top NFL Offensive Player Rankings – Based on Yards

  1. Derrick Carr LV – 3,414
  2. Patrick Mahomes KC – 3,200
  3. Tom Brady TB – 3,177
  4. Josh Allen BUF – 3,071
  5. Matthew Stafford LAR – 3,014

The Raiders bounced back from 3 straight losses for an incredible 36-33 overtime Thanksgiving Day victory over the Dallas Cowboys. The win showed that Derrick Carr can beat a decent defense.

But Carr has only a small chance of maintaining this lead. Both Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are poised to secure more yards. Of the two, Andy Reid will open the offense more than Bruce Arians in Tampa. So Mahomes is the top pick. 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Pick: Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Second Pick: Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Top Offensive Player Rankings – Running Backs

  1. Jonathan Taylor IND – 1,122
  2. Nick Chubb CLE – 851
  3. Joe Mixon CIN – 759  
  4. Dalvin Cook MIN – 734
  5. Ezekiel Elliott DAL – 720

Not surprisingly, Taylor had just 83 yards versus Tampa Bay’s top-ranked run defense. But 83 yards could be enough because the Colts, who ended up losing the game, face the Texans, Raiders, and Jaguars in 3 of their final 5 games. It will take a gargantuan effort from any other running back to catch Jonathan Taylor.

Nick Chubb could do it. However, the Browns recently activated Kareem Hunt. The former KC player will grab carries from Chubb.

Second place, then, could fall on either Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook. We like Cook’s chances because the Vikings have finally gelled as a team. 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Pick: Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Second Pick: Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings

Top Offensive Player Rankings – Wide Receivers

  1. Cooper Kupp LAR – 1,141 
  2. Deebo Samuel SF – 994
  3. Davante Adams GB – 979
  4. Justin Jefferson MIN – 944
  5. Tyreek Hill KC – 932

It should take Odell Beckham Jr. some time to develop a rapport with quarterback Matthew Stafford. Kupp already has a rapport. 

Heading into Week 12, Kupp had 85 catches for 1,141 yards and 10 TD grabs. Beckham Jr. will get his share of looks. Rams coach Sean McVeigh, though, knows to succeed, he must continue to call Kupp’s number. 

Second place falls to Davante Adams. Adams and Rodgers must both stay healthy for the wide receiver to have any shot of overtaking Kupp. If the pair does play in every game from here on out, Adams could become the league’s receiving yardage leader. 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Pick: Cooper Kupp – Los Angeles Rams 

Offensive Player Stat Yards Leader Second Pick: Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers 


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