NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Panthers in Serious Talk to Acquire Baker Mayfield

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Panthers in Serious Talk to Acquire Baker Mayfield

The NFL rumor mill is heating up. We’ve got updated info on the Deshaun Watson situation, where Cleveland backup quarterback Baker Mayfield may be headed, which teams are angling for one of the remaining free agents, and which players should start thinking mega contract. Check it out in our NFL Betting rumors, trades, and free agents blog. 

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News | June 15th Edition

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

NFL has yet to decide Deshaun Watson’s pro football fate

Every day, the Houston Texans brass is looking like geniuses while those who run the Cleveland Browns are looking more like incompetent fools. 

This past Monday night, the New York Times reported the number is 66, as in 66 is the number of different women Deshaun Watson got massages from during a 17-month period. The number is much higher than what Watson provided.  

So we should expect the total number of women suing Deshaun to rise. As it rises, the NFL must take every incident into consideration.

The NFL wanted to release something regarding Watson’s situation this month. But new facts keep emerging, which makes the NFL’s goal difficult.         

Another issue for the league is that Cleveland guaranteed Deshaun’s contract. So any action will hurt the Browns. But what else can the NFL do?

The National Football League wants to build its women customer base. Doing so requires them to take things like the Watson situation seriously. Suspending Watson for a year or longer is not out of the question. 

The next mega contract is likely to go to one of these players

Kansas City handed a mega contract to Patrick Mahomes. Since then, other players have been angling for giant, long-term deals. 

Cleveland’s mega contract to Deshaun Watson seems stupid. But the deal to Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald makes sense.

DE Nick Bosa at San Francisco, Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson, and 49ers WR Deebo Samuel should sign mega deals.

Also on the table might be a super deal for Arizona QB Kyler Murray. But it’s hard to see Murray being as effective this season, or in future season’s, than he was in 2021. So don’t hold your breath for that deal to happen.    

Remaining free agents that should soon find a home

Three free agents that continue to languish in purgatory should soon sign with new teams. Safety Landon Collins is a talented player.

Collins use to roam the back half of the field for the Washington Commanders. He’d make a great edition for a number of teams because he’s a fantastic run stopper and can guard slot receivers

Former Chargers’ running back Justin Jackson will be as good of a backup as any in the NFL once he signs onto a new squad. Jackson could end up a starter on some teams.

Former Saint Kwon Alexander is a good linebacker. Alexander has suffered injury issues the past couple of seasons. But at a bargain basement price, Kwon should soon end up on a team looking to add depth. 

It’s only a matter of time before Alexander, Collins and Jackson secure new addresses. Expect all three to sign contracts before training camps open.   

Carolina in serious talks with Browns to acquire Baker

Supposedly, the Carolina Panthers are in serious talks to trade for Baker Mayfield. The Panthers have come to the conclusion that all of us came to three years ago, that Sam Darnold is a bad quarterback. 

But even though Carolina wants Baker, they could be out of luck. Cleveland keeps saying they want to trade the former Heisman Trophy winner. But Deshaun’s legal troubles keep getting in the way.

The Browns won’t trade Mayfield until the league decides on Watson’s punishment. It could be a year suspension, which would mean Cleveland would have to make a decision. 

Unload Baker and write off the season? Or play the disgruntled Mayfield and hope he does enough to help the Browns make the playoffs? One thing is for sure, Mayfield’s poker hand is getting stronger while the Browns’ is getting weaker. 


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