NFL 2022 Patriots Win/Loss Betting Prediction for the Upcoming Season

NFL 2022 Patriots Win/Loss Betting Prediction for the Upcoming Season

Every team in the league goes out of their way to try and land themselves an elite QB to run the offense. These types of players are in short supply, though, so when a team loses one, there can be a period of readjustment before they get back in business. That is where the New England Patriots are at the moment, as they are still trying to fill the gap left by the departure of Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a 10-7 year in 2021 under the guidance of rookie QB Mac Jones, the Patriots took that first step forward with a new leader. The question now is whether Jones can repeat his stellar first season, or whether he stumbles under a sophomore slump. There are also some concerns about what the Patriots did in the draft, which is perhaps why the bookies have their win total for the 2022 season set at 8 ½, suggesting a backward step might be in the offing. Let’s take a closer look at the Patriots and try to predict how things might play out so you can place your bets against the NFL Team Totals Odds.

New England Patriots Win/Loss Total Prediction for the 2022 Season | NFL Betting

Patriots 2022 Schedule

The opening game of the season comes in September, with the Patriots hitting the road to face the Dolphins as an underdog. Getting off to a good start, especially against a divisional foe, is critical, so this is a big one. Next up is a home tilt against a Steelers team that is in a bit of a transition mode after the retirement of Big Ben. September ends with a tough home game versus the Ravens, which I think will end with the Patriots at 2-1.

October is a month where the Patriots can make some hay, as 4 of the 5 games they will play are of the winnable variety. They open up the month on the road to the Packers, which will likely be a loss. After that, though, they have games against the Lions, Browns, Bears, and Jets. 3 of those look like definite wins, but we are all waiting to see what happens in Cleveland before making any predictions there.

The will open November at home to the Indianapolis Colts, which will not be an easy one, before hitting their bye week. When they return, the Patriots have a winnable game versus the Jets, but things get much tougher after that, as they will be on the road to face the Vikings.

The final stretch of the season through December and January is as tough as it gets for the Patriots, starting out with a home game against the Bills, one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. They will then be on the road to the Raiders before back-to-back home games versus the Bengals and Dolphins. The final game of the season will be on the road to the Buffalo Bills.

Win Total Prediction

There are a lot of things in play for the Patriots heading into the season, with Mac Jones very much in the spotlight. If he has a similar season as last year, or maybe gets better, the Patriots will be heading to the postseason. I think they are certainly capable of going over the win total, but even that will probably only be good enough for a Wild Card spot, as the division looks to be the Bills to lose.


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