NFL Playoffs Betting Analysis: Predictions for Week 18 of the 2021-22 Season

NFL Playoffs Betting Analysis: Predictions for Week 18 of the 2021-22 Season

Heading into the first ever NFL Week 18, the only for sure seed is Green Bay has home field throughout the playoffs. Seeds 2 through 7 in the NFC have yet to be decided. All 8 seeds in the AFC have yet to be decided, which means there’s a lot that can happen in Week 18. Check out both conferences’ playoff picture heading into the NFL’s final regular season games so you can plan your bets against the NFL Playoffs odds

2021-22 Playoffs Picture Heading into Week 18 of the NFL Season

NFL Week 18

  • When: Saturday, Jan. 8 – Sunday, Jan. 9

AFC Playoff Picture

Kansas City will be the first or second seed if they beat Denver on Saturday

As long as 11-5 Kansas City beats the Denver Broncos on Saturday, they will be the 1-seed or 2-seed. A loss could send the Chiefs back to the 3-seed or even 4-seed if Tennessee, Cincinnati, and Buffalo win.  

Titans lock up the top seed with a win over the Houston Texans

The Titans own the head-to-head versus the Bills and Chiefs. If Tennessee beats the Texans, they secure the 1-seed. If the Titans lose, they can still grab the 1 if KC and Cincinnati lose.

Tennessee should handle Houston. Derrick Henry returns to the field and D’Onta Foreman rushed for 132 yards against a much better defense, Miami’s, last week than what Tennessee faces this week. The Titans are close to a lock to enter the playoffs with a 1.  

Colts make the playoffs if they beat Jacksonville, but if they lose, the winner of Pittsburgh versus Baltimore makes the postseason

The Colts must only beat the Jaguars, a team they’re favored to dominate by more than 15 ½ points, to secure a postseason spot. A loss to Jacksonville changes things.

If the Colts lose, the winner between the Steelers and Ravens secures a spot in the playoffs. If Indianapolis beats Jacksonville, it doesn’t matter what happens in Steelers versus Ravens. 

The winner of Raiders versus Chargers stamps their playoff ticket

The NFL’s regular season game is for a trip to the playoffs. Las Vegas beats the Bolts and they’re in. The Chargers beat the Raiders and Justin Herbert and his mates head to the postseason.

AFC Playoff Seeding Prediction

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Cincinnati Bengals
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. New England Patriots
  6. Indianapolis Colts
  7. Los Angeles Chargers

NFC Playoff Picture

Green Bay is the NFC’s 1-seed

By trouncing the short-handed Minnesota Vikings in Week 17, Green Bay secured their second straight 1-seed. The Packers didn’t use home field to their advantage last season.

We shouldn’t forget, though, that home teams had to play in front of few, if any, fans. This season, Lambeau if going to be packed. There won’t be an open seat in the stadium, which is why Green Bay is one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. 

Tampa, Dallas, and either the Rams or Cardinals will be the 2, 3, and 4 seeds

If Tampa beats Carolina and the Rams lose to San Francisco, the Buccaneers are the 2-seed because they beat the Cowboys in Week 1. If the Rams beat the 49ers, they’re the 2-seed no matter what Dallas or Tampa do. 

Dallas can move from the 4-seed to the 3-seed if the Rams lose and the Buccaneers win because of Dallas’ better conference record. 

Also if the Rams lose, the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC West if they beat the Seattle Seahawks. The Bucs would be the 2-seed, Zona would be 3, and the Dallas Cowboys would be 4. 

Should AZ beat the Seahawks and the Rams lose to the 49ers, the Rams would fall to the 5-seed.  

The Philadelphia Eagles are in

No matter what happens in Philadelphia’s game against the Cowboys, or what happens in any other game in Week 18, the Eagles can’t move higher than the 6-seed. 

If San Francisco beats the Rams, they’re in, but if they lose and the Saints beat the Falcons, New Orleans makes the playoffs

If San Francisco beats the Rams, they’re in. But if the Rams beat the 49ers and the Saints beat the Falcons, New Orleans would sneak into the playoffs. 

NFC Playoffs Seeding Prediction

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Arizona Cardinals
  6. Philadelphia Eagles
  7. New Orleans Saints 

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