NFL 2021/22 Playoffs Betting Predictions: NFC and AFC Possible Matchups Update

NFL 2021/22 Playoffs Betting Predictions: NFC and AFC Possible Matchups Update

With week 17 coming to a close and 14 teams already eliminated, we look at the remaining 18 teams and what possible matchup might happen so you can plan your bets against their NFL Playoffs odds.

Updated Playoffs Possible Matchups | NFL Betting

NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff teams are pretty much set. The only spot left is the 7th seed. This spot can go to any one of three teams. Those three teams are the 6th seeded 49ers, the 7th seeded Eagles, or the Saints. 

The Saints will have to win, and the 49ers will have to lose for them to get in. 

The Eagles will need a win to get in.

The 49ers will need a win to get in.

The Eagles play against a Cowboys team that already has won the NFC East and can’t go any higher than the 4th seed.

The 49ers play against the Rams, who are looking to lock up the 2nd seed with a win. If the 49ers win, the Rams could drop to the 5th seed if the Cardinals win against the Seahawks.

The Packers clinched the number one seed on Sunday night with their win over the Vikings. The Buccaneers are number three seed and can’t move past the Rams if the Rams win in week 18. 

Possible NFC Wild Card Games

  • 49ers, Saints, or Eagles at Rams or Cardinals 
  • 49ers or Eagles at Buccaneers
  • Cardinals or Rams at Cowboys

AFC Playoff Picture

The AFC picture has a lot of different scenarios. Some will deal with seeding; other teams have a win and in scenario.

Teams like the Steelers and the Ravens need to win and get help to make it into the Wild Card matchup. No matter the outcomes of these games, week 18 for the AFC promises to be a wild ride going into Wild Card weekend.

Chargers at Raiders Week 18

This game will be a “win and in” for one of these two teams. The winner will most likely be the 6th or 7th seed, depending on the outcome of the Colt at the Jaguars game. With the Chiefs holding the 2nd seed, if the winner ends up in the 7th seed spot, they will most likely head to Kansas City to face the Chiefs.

If the Raiders lose, their only hope of getting in the playoffs is for the Steelers to lose to the Browns on Monday Night and the Colts to lose to the Jaguars.

Colts at Jaguars Week 18

This game is a “win and in” for the Colts. Their only other way in is for a Steelers loss on Monday and losses by both the Ravens and the Chargers.

Where they will be seeded depends on the outcome of the Patriots at Dolphins game and the Chargers at Raiders game.

What AFC Teams Are Locked

So far, only three of the four divisions are locked; the AFC East is still up for grabs between the Patriots and the Bills. Both teams, however, have already secured a playoff spot.

The Chiefs, Bengals, and Titans have already won their divisions, with the Titans currently holding the tie-breaker over the Chiefs for the number one seed.

The AFC East title will go to the Bills if they win against the Jets. The Patriots would need to win against the Dolphins, plus need the Bills, Titans, and Chiefs to all lose to win the AFC East title.

Otherwise, the Patriots will be the 5th seed if any of those three teams win.

Possible AFC Wild Card Games

  • Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, or Steelers at Chiefs or Titans
  • Colts, Chargers, or Raiders at Bengals, Bills, Patriots
  • Patriots or Bills at Bengals, Bills, or Patriots

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