NFL Playoffs Betting Predictions for 2021 NFC Opening Weekend Matchups

NFL Playoffs Betting Predictions for 2021 NFC Opening Weekend Matchups

Unlike in the AFC, not much projects to change in the NFC during the final three regular season weeks. The top three seeds, the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should all win their final three games. The Arizona Cardinals are the team to watch. There’s a chance the Cards lose their final three, which would relegate them to the 6-seed. Also, keep an eye on the Saints, the Vikings, and the Eagles. Whichever team wins their final three games, should grab the 7-seed. Keep reading for our NFL NFC projected opening weekend playoff matchups so you can get all set to bet against the NFL Playoffs odds

NFL NFC Projected Opening Weekend Playoff Matchups

2022 NFL Wild Card Weekend

  • When: Saturday, Jan. 15 – Monday, Jan. 17

Saints win out, grab the final wildcard, and meet the 2-seed Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Vikings must run the table against the Rams, Packers, and Bears. The Vikings are sure to lose at least one of those game. 

The Philadelphia Eagles must run the table versus the New York Giants, Washington Football Team, and Dallas Cowboys. Like the Vikings, the Eagles are bound to lose at least one of those games.

The Saints must win all three of their games. Luckily for New Orleans, their final three games are a home contest versus the Miami Dolphins, a home game against the Carolina Panthers, and a road contest versus the Falcons

New Orleans could lose to the Fins. But the Saints showed in the NFL Week 15 victory over Tampa that they mean business. New Orleans wins out and grabs the 7-seed.

Dallas also wins out. The WFT, reeling Cardinals, and Philadelphia Eagles should be no match for the scorching Cowboys. But because Green Bay will beat the Browns, Vikings, and Lions, the Boys remain where they are heading into Week 16, owning the 2-seed.  

Arizona loses the NFC West but still makes the playoffs and faces faces 3-seed Tampa Bay

Arizona is a mess, which is why they should lose their remaining games to the Colts, Cowboys, and Seahawks. At 10-7, Zona would still hold the tiebreaker over the Saints, which is why Kyler Murray and his mates end up with the 6-seed instead of the 7-seed. 

Even without Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette, Tampa’s offense should score enough points to beat the Panthers twice and the Jets once. 

But because the Cowboys and Packers also win out, Tom Brady and the Bucs must settle for the 3-seed. Tampa will host the Cardinals during the first weekend of playoff matchups.  

The NFC West winning Rams meet the top wildcard in the NFC, the rival San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco should win out, beating the Titans, Texans and Rams. The game versus the Rams happens in NFL Week 18. 

If SF beats the Rams, the NFC West rivals will play again the following weekend in the playoffs. No matter what Los Angeles does, they must settle for the 4-seed should the Packers, Cowboys, and Buccaneers also win out.

Rams versus 49ers would make for the most intriguing contest in the NFL Playoffs’ first weekend. Neither team appears to have an edge over the other. So if you’re a football fan with no allegiance, root for this matchup to happen. 


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