2022 NFL Betting Prediction On Whether or Not Will the Falcons Improve

2022 NFL Betting Prediction On Whether or Not Will the Falcons Improve

Back in 2017, the Atlanta Falcons looked set to win the Super Bowl, going up 28-3 on Brady and the Patriots. We all know how that eventually played out, and you have to say that the Falcons have never truly recovered from that implosion. Signs of an impending rebuild came last season with the addition of a new head coach in Artur Smith and the trading of Julio Jones. Rather than the rebuild starting then, it looks as though the Falcons are set to take another step back. They dealt QB Matt Ryan to Indianapolis and will be leaning on Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder to lead the offense, neither of which inspires a ton of confidence. The question we want to ask here is whether the Falcons will improve on their 7-10 record from last season. Let’s take a closer look to see if we can answer that so you can plan your bets against their NFL Odds.

What are the NFL Odds? Will the Atlanta Falcons Record Improve in 2022?

Falcons Win Total and 2022 Schedule

7 wins is what Atlanta needs to beat if they are to improve on their 2021 record. The bookies seem to feel that doing that might prove to be a tough act for the Falcons, as the win total for the year has been set at 4 ½, which certainly suggests that there will be a backward step before things begin to improve.

The Falcons will open up the season against the New Orleans Saints and will likely be in the losing end of things before facing the Rams on the road in Week 2. A road trip to Seattle follows, and while it’s an easier game, it’s always a tough place to go to try and get a win. The next 4 weeks see the Falcons face the Browns, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Bengals. The harsh reality is that Atlanta could well be 1-6 or 0-7 after that opening stretch of games.

That is followed by a pair of games versus the Panthers, which might be a split, as well as a game versus the Chargers. There is some relief to come, as they then go on a stretch where they might get some joy, with the Bears, Commanders, and Steelers on tap. That said, the rot may have well and truly set in by this point of the season.

The final stretch of games features matchups against the Saints, Ravens, Cardinals, and Buccaneers, all of which have the potential to be losses for the Falcons.

Will the Falcons Improve?

You look at that schedule and have a tough time finding 5 games that the Falcons could win, never mind 7 or 8. This is a team that is absolutely in rebuild mode, and who might well be looking to tank to land themselves a QB in the draft next year. There are holes all over the field for the Falcons, which leads me to believe that this coming season could start badly and just get worse as things go on. I really don’t see any way in which this team improves on last season’s win total. In fact, I think they are going to have a tough time getting over those 4 ½ wins.


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