2022 NFL Betting Prediction On Whether or Not Will the Jaguars Improve their Record This Season

2022 NFL Betting Prediction On Whether or Not Will the Jaguars Improve their Record This Season

There is an old adage that suggests you need to hit bottom before you can start to climb your way back to the top again. Given how bad they have historically been, it’s easy to forget that the Jaguars were one defensive play away from making it to the Super Bowl a few short years ago. That was the season when the Philadelphia Eagles won it all with coach Doug Pederson at the helm. After getting let go by the Eagles, Pederson decided to return to the coaching ranks by taking over the Jaguars, and you can be sure that he will be well aware of the enormity of the job ahead of him. The big question heading into this season is whether the Jaguars can improve on their 3-14 record from last year. Let’s take a moment to break it all down so you can keep planning your bets against their NFL Odds.

What are the NFL Odds? Will the Jacksonville Jaguars record improve in 2022?

The Jaguars in 2021

Before we look ahead, I think it makes sense to look back at what went down last season. As mentioned, the Jaguars closed the season out with 3 wins, but rather than the wins and losses, it was the short tenure of Urban Meyer as head coach that made all the headlines. There were plenty of people who were skeptical about the hiring of Myer, and those doubters were proven right. His off-field antics were a nightmare, and he looked like a man seriously out of his depth.

Further compounding the situation was seeing rookie RB Travis Etienne ruled out for the season through injury without playing a single down. Having him on board may have taken some of the pressure off of Trevor Lawrence at the QB slot, but it was not to be.

Looking Ahead to 2022

The Jaguars have been looked at as something of a joke for a while, but the hiring of Doug Pederson as their new head coach is certainly a step in the right direction. He worked some serious magic in Philadelphia, and while we shouldn’t expect too much too soon, I think the players on the Jaguars are going to have a positive reaction to his steadying presence.

All signs also seem to point to Etienne being ready for the coming season, which has the potential to be huge. In terms of the NFL Draft, the general consensus is that the Jags came out pretty good, with many of the experts rating their haul as a B or a B-. If some of the new guys can fit in and contribute right away, that will certainly help the Jags cause.

Will the Jaguars Improve in 2022?

The only way is up for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022, which is something that the bookies tend to agree with, as they have the Jags win total set at 6 ½. Playing into the favor of the Jaguars is that the AFC North is not a particularly strong division. They could certainly beat the Texans twice, and perhaps steal a game fomr the Colts or Titans. There are also enough winnable games on the schedule that should allow Jacksonville to improve on the 3 wins that they managed last season. I think that is a fair assessment, but I’m not sure I am sold on them crossing the 6 ½ win total.


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