NFL Rumors & Betting News December 31st Edition

NFL Rumors & Betting News December 31st Edition

Written by on December 31, 2020

Heading into the final week of the NFL Regular Season, there’s no shortage of rumors and news. Check out the latest regarding coaches on the hot seat, what might happen to a couple of future hall of fame quarterbacks, and whether the new favorite to win the NFL MVP has locked down the hardware. That said, let’s get right to it so you can continue making your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Rumors: 3 Coaches Should be Gone by Monday Afternoon

Gase, Lynn, and Marrone likeliest to get walking papers on Black Monday

Most everyone believes that come Monday morning, the New York Jets, Los Angeles Chargers, and Jacksonville Jaguars will hand walking papers to their head coaches. 

Although anything can happen, Anthony Lynn, Adam Gase, and Doug Marrone figure to be searching for employment after January 4. Let’s start with Lynn, who just a couple of seasons ago was appeared on the verge of stardom. 

Lynn had sent top defenses to the field in his first couple of seasons as the Los Angeles Chargers head coach. But in his fourth season as the main man at LAC, the defense imploded. What must bother Chargers’ ownership is that Lynn and the Bolts got their quarterback.

Justin Herbert should be a 10-year starter. He’s that good. The Bolts’ defense failed to help Herbert this season. That should end Lynn’s stint in Los Angeles.

Doug Marrone also seems like a goner. Jacksonville’s head coach has trouble motivating his players. Sure, Marrone could make a case that former GM Tom Coughlin is why the Jags are in the state that they are. Marrone, though, had a lot do with it. Also, Doug is a defensive-minded coach, and the Jaguars are going to draft Trevor Lawrence with the first pick. Jacksonville will want an offensive-minded coach to work with the college football superstar. 

Adam Gase believes he’s going to keep his job. He’s not. The Jets may decide to go with OT Penei Sewell, which means they’ll keep Sam Darnold as their quarterback. But that doesn’t mean Gase stays. The current NYJ head coach has got nothing out of Darnold. Gase is gone whether he believes it or not. 

Brees and Big Ben could retire after this season

Rumor has it that two of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game could call it quits after this season. Both Drew Brees and Big Ben Roethlisberger may hang it up no matter if their teams win the Super Bowl or not.

Both can still play at a high-level. So, there’s a chance that neither decides to call it quits. But both are also happy with what they’ve accomplished. In addition, both have had to deal with injuries the past couple of seasons.

Brees missed games last season and this season. Drew said he would have quit after last season if he hadn’t sat down with Sean Payton and decided to give it one more go. Brees is almost assuredly going to retire now that Payton has found his replacement in Taysom Hill.

Big Ben could decide to play another year. Roethlisberger, though, had to skip last season due to an injury. How much longer will Ben want to go out there and give it his all knowing that the next hit could be the one the ends his career?

Is Aaron Rodgers a lock to win NFL MVP?

Aaron Rodgers has leapfrogged Patrick Mahomes for the NFL MVP. One of the reasons? Patrick has thrown 4 interceptions in his last 3 games.

Mahomes could still win it, but his stats don’t trump Rodgers’. Mahomes has thrown for 38 touchdowns and 4,740 yards. Green Bay is playing as well as Kansas City, is almost assuredly a 1-seed, and Rodgers has thrown for 44 TDs, only 5 picks, and is completing over 70% of his passes.

Is Aaron Rodgers a lock for NFL MVP? If we go off stats, he certainly is. Yes, Patrick has thrown for more yards, but 6 more touchdowns is more important than 700 more yards. There’s also the chance that AR pads his stats this Sunday when the Packers visit the Bears.

Green Bay must win to ensure a 1-seed. The Chiefs already have the 1-seed, which means Andy Reid may rest Mahomes.

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