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SB50 Five Reasons the Denver Broncos Can Win

Written by on February 3, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Betting Lines and Picks

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will play in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday. The current line over at has the Broncos as +6 point underdogs. The Denver Broncos can win this game and there are a few good reasons why. Many people that bet on the Super Bowl are counting the Denver Broncos out of the game, they simply are not getting a ton of love when it comes to early public and sharp action, but the sharp actions seems to be more balanced for this final game. Next we will give you some reasons why the current betting trends shouldn’t make much of a difference regarding you making a decision: 

5 Reasons Why the Denver Broncos Can Beat the SB50 Odds

1. Peyton Manning can still be Peyton Manning – Despite having his worst statistical season of his career, he can still have one more shining moment. Why not? He is one of the best quarterbacks of the last two decades, and he surely wants to prove he still has a little bit of fighting in him. And, if this really is the final game for Peyton Manning, won’t he want to go out with a boom?2. Von Miller is a beast – That is correct. If the Denver Broncos are going to win this game over the Carolina Panthers, they will need Von Miller to go after Cam Newton. We all know that Von Miller could wreck both the running game and the passing game of the Carolina Panthers.3. Denver has a Defensive Line that is Elite – The Denver Broncos have an elite defense. Team’s with elite defenses should never be counted out of a single game. The Denver Broncos are the one team that may be able to slow down the red hot Carolina offense. The Broncos can stop the run, and the Broncos can stop the pass. If they do those things, and take care of Cam Newton’s antics, they can win this game.4. DeMaryius Thomas – This guy is a stud receiver. He can change a game in a heartbeat. Josh Norman will likely get his chance to defend him, which will make it quite the challenge, but this guy can catch and run. His tall build makes him a force with a deep ball, and a force with the medium range passing game. He is a game changer, and a guy that could carry the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50.5. Why Not?  Why can’t the Denver Broncos win this game. They have more experience in the big game than the Carolina Panthers. The defense for the Denver Broncos is elite, the offense still have signs that they can put points on the board. Quite simply, why not?There are many other reasons why the Denver Broncos will cover the spread going into Super Bowl 50, our pick to win Super Bowl 50 are without a doubt the Broncos lead by Manning, the chance to go out with a bang is here!