NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 13

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 13

12 weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and we have had some very clear Super Bowl contenders emerge from the pack. We even have a new favorite to win it all, with the Buffalo Bills no longer the team that the bookies think will win it all. The reality, though, is that the odds that we see now are probably going to change a few more times as the season progresses, but all we can do at the moment is take the current odds and try to make some betting predictions. We have looked at the favorites, the smart picks, and the longshots a couple of times already, but we will continue to update things as we get closer to the playoffs. With that in mind, let’s update how things are looking now so you can continue planning your bets and place them on the Super Bowl Lines.

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As mentioned at the top of this piece, the Buffalo Bills started the season as the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and at 8-3, they are still very much a team to beat. Their current odds are at +410, but they are no longer the top choice of the bookies. That distinction goes to the Kansas City Chiefs, who have moved from +450 to +390. If they continue to play well and improve on their current 9-2 record, those odds will shorten again. In terms of the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles, the only team with 10 wins, is sitting at +540, while the San Francisco 49ers are at +600, so both of their odds have shortened, too.

Smart Pick

Let’s break this down by conference, shall we? While the Chiefs and Bills are the clear favorites in the AFC, only one of them can move on. How the final standing go will determine if and when these two meet up in the playoffs, with the Bills probably needing to go on the road to KC if they fail to win the division. The #1 seed is critical here, and the Chiefs currently have the inside track on that spot and the bye that it brings. Advantage to Kansas City.

In the NFC, the Eagles still look like the team to beat, but there are also a few teams who could yet upset that apple cart. Even if they don’t get the #1 seed and home field advantage, this is a team that has been perfect on the road this season, which makes them a smart pick.


Are the teams we are about to talk about here dark horses or true longshots? I don’t think it really matters which label you use, as I find them to be one and the same. In the AFC, I have cooled off on the Ravens, as I think they are a little too unpredictable at the moment. The Bengals (+1750) appear to be rounding into form and will have a stern test this weekend against the Chiefs. You also cannot overlook the Dolphins (+1425).

In the NFC, I am still looking at the Dallas Cowboys (+850). I think we will see their odds shorten dramatically if they can get past the Eagles and win that division, which might also lead to the #1 seed in the playoffs. Right now, this is a fantastic price for Dallas, and I’d be willing to take a shot on them.


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