NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds Update: Buffalo the Outright Chalk 

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds Update: Buffalo the Outright Chalk 

Updated Super Bowl odds are out. The Buffalo Bills are an outright favorite at +770 while Tom Brady led Tampa Bay is +880 and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are third choice at +1175. Check out analysis for the latest Super Bowl 57 odds

Buffalo the Outright Chalk  Favorite to Win the Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl 57

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023
  • Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ
  • TV: Fox

Updated Super Bowl 57 Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +770
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +880
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1175
  • Los Angeles Rams +1225
  • Green Bay Packers +1250
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1800
  • San Francisco 49ers +1900
  • Denver Broncos +1975
  • Dallas Cowboys +2200
  • Cincinnati Bengals +2500
  • Baltimore Ravens +2500
  • Cleveland Browns +2500
  • Indianapolis Colts +2800
  • Philadelphia Eagles +3200
  • Tennessee Titans +3900
  • Arizona Cardinals +3900
  • Miami Dolphins +4400
  • Las Vegas Raiders +4500
  • New Orleans Saints +4900
  • New England Patriots +4900
  • Minnesota Vikings +5200
  • Washington Football Team +7500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +9000
  • New York Giants +12000
  • Carolina Panthers +12000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +13000
  • Seattle Seahawks +13000
  • Chicago Bears +14000
  • Detroit Lions +15000
  • New York Jets +16000
  • Atlanta Falcons +18000
  • Houston Texans +26000

Which choice among the five NFL teams with the lowest odds is an overlay?

It’s not often that you can say the NFL team offering the lowest odds to win the Super Bowl is an overlay. But that’s the case with the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills’ offense should be downright scary. It was scary last year. But this year it should be ridiculous. James Cook, one of the best running backs in the draft, will back up Devin Singletary. The Bills signed Jamison Crowder to play the slot and O.J. Howard will back up Dawson Knox.

The defense also improved. Von Miller, yes, that Von Miller, joins a linebacking corps that includes Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano. 

The first six games are tough. But if the Bills can go 4-2 in those first six games, they might finish the season 15-2. That’s how strong Buffalo is.    

Which choice among the five NFL teams with the lowest odds is an underlay?

Tampa Bay shouldn’t be anywhere close to +880. The Buccaneers struggled last season. This season, Tom Brady is older and waffled between retiring and playing. 

The defense is good. But Akiem Hicks, who is listed as the defensive end starter on the right side, is 32. Also, we mustn’t look the past the fact that the year the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl was 2020, the pandemic year.

Are the Buccaneers really this much better than the Rams and Packers? Not even close. 

Which NFC team is the biggest underlay on the board?

One would think the Buccaneers are the biggest underlay on the board, but they aren’t. The Arizona Cardinals are.

Zona must play their first 6 games without DeAndre Hopkins. The Cards can lose all 6 of those contests.

If they manage to survive the first six gauntlet, the rest of the schedule is no cakewalk. Not only that, but Kyler Murray has shown no desire to lead the team and Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t seem to have any answers. 

Expect +4500 to +5000 before backing the Cardinals to win the Lombardi Trophy. 

Which NFC team is the biggest overlay to win Super Bowl 57?

The New Orleans Saints are at +4900. The Saints upgraded their offense by drafting Chris Olave and signing Jarvis Landry.

Also, Michael Thomas is back and healthy and Taysom Hill is playing tight-end. No more of this Swiss Army Knife nonsense.

The defense is deep and stacked. Marcus Maye is a great addition at free safety. Expect the Saints to surprise big time this season. New Orleans should be a playoff team. So at +4900, they’re a massive overlay. 

Which AFC team is the biggest underlay on the board?

The Cleveland Browns shouldn’t be any where near +2500. Deshaun Watson is in no way guaranteed to start this season.

It turns out Deshaun met with 66 different women over a 17 month period for massages. All 66 aren’t suing, but it’s not a good look.

Not only that, but a Houston detective recently testified in a pretrial deposition for one of the lawsuits against Deshaun that Watson did commit crimes. That’s the nail in the coffin if it’s true. 

Even if Goodell gives Deshaun a pass, forget it. No way he’s more effective than Baker throwing for the Browns with so much drama hanging over his head.  

Which AFC team is the biggest overlay to win Super Bowl 57?

The Buffalo Bills offer excellent odds to win Super Bowl 57. But Buffalo isn’t the biggest AFC overlay.

The biggest overlay right now are the Las Vegas Raiders. Yes, you read that right. The Raiders.

Josh McDaniel is the new head coach. Derek Carr will excel in McDaniel’s system because Josh is an offensive genius and the Raiders traded for Davante Adams. 

The defense is as solid. The D will also improve because Gus Bradley is a defensive genius. So Bradley and McDaniel will ensure the Raiders have a winning season. At +4500, Vegas is a steal. 


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