NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 15

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 15

Fortunes can change rather quickly in the NFL. One week, a team can be riding high and looking playoff bound, but a couple of losses in succession can send them tumbling down toward the cut line. If you need proof of that, just take a look at what is happening with the Miami Dolphins, a team on the slide and now in danger of being pulled into a tense playoff battle. If this teaches us anything, it’s that teams simply cannot afford to get comfortable, as there is always someone coming after those coveted playoff spots. As fortunes change, so do the odds to win the Super Bowl, so with Week 14 now done and dusted, it’s time to take our weekly look at the Super Bowl Betting Odds.

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It looked for a moment as though the Buffalo Bills were going to be in a dogfight to win the AFC East, but with the Dolphins slipping, they are ever closer to clinching the division. That has seen their odds shorten, going from +390 last week to +360 this week. The Bills look like the team to beat in the AFC, while the Philadelphia Eagles continue to rack up wins in the NFC, winning again in Week 14 to move to 11-1, while seeing their odds shorten to +420. The Chiefs have moved to +450 after their most recent win. The Cowboys are on a 4-game winning streak, but they are at longer odds this week, going from +720 to +750.

Smart Picks

Let’s start with the AFC and how things look there. You can bet that a lot of fans would like to see the Bills and the Chiefs finish as the #1 and #2 seeds, and that they meet in the Conference Championship Game. I would suggest that one of these two are likely to make it out of the conference, which is why either one would be considered a smart pick. It does, though, depend on when they meet, as it could be the Divisional Round like last year, which would mean one more hurdle, which could well be the Cincinnati Bengals (+990).

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been waiting for the Eagles to stumble, but they really do look like the real article. Given that they are in the same division as the Cowboys, which will affect seedings, these two could meet in the postseason, perhaps opening the door for a dark horse.


With each passing week, the Cincinnati Bengals are moving out of longshot territory and up into the favorites spot. They are rolling at the moment, but with a few AFC teams ahead of them, I guess they are still a longshot alongside the Baltimore Ravens (+1950).

In the NFC, I would be keeping an eye on the San Francisco 49ers (+870), who appear to be getting hot at the right time with 6 straight wins. The question here, though, is whether 3rd string QB, Brock Purdy, can continue to deliver the goods the way he did in his first NFL game last weekend. An intriguing storyline there, and one that we are watching.


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