NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 16

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 16

Another week of the NFL season is in the books and now there are just 3 weeks remaining in the regular season. This past weekend saw some more surprising results and another shift in the standings, all of which has an impact on the postseason and how the matchups might look. As we do every week at this time, we are going to take a look at hoe the events of Week 15 changed the odds and standings. Are we still looking at the same batch of Super Bowl Betting favorites or are some teams slipping. Also, which teams are making a run now that might see their odds shorten in the next few weeks? Let’s break it all down now, shall we?

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The Buffalo Bills won again, which means they have now won 5 straight heading into Week 16. They are still in as the favorite to win the Super Bowl, but they did see their odds shorten a little and are now at +350. Another team that has to be considered among the favorites is the Philadelphia Eagles, who still only have 1 loss on the season. That being said, they went from +420 t0 +430, so not really much of a dramatic change there. The Chiefs struggled to knock off Houston this past weekend, seeing their odds go from +450 to +500, so now might be the time to get some money on them, as I don’t see those odds getting much better.

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The big question in the NFC at the moment is in regard who will take out the Philadelphia Eagles. They look set to nab the #1 seed and have home field advantage through the playoffs. There is an injury concern, albeit a minor one with Jalen Hurts, and I would not be surprised to see him sit out this coming weekend. The San Francisco 49ers (+670) are looking like the team to challenge the Eagles, although there has to be some concern about them heading into the postseason with a 3rd string QB under center, although Brock Purdy has looked good in his first 2 games as a pro.

In the AFC, everyone still seems to believe that it will be the Bills or Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl, but I would be willing to make a case for the Cincinnati Bengals (+790). They have won 6 in a row and appear to have the number of the Kansas City Chiefs. Again, their odds are probably going to shorten, so if you like the Bengals chances, you may want to get in now.


Over the past few weeks, I have been talking about the Dallas Cowboys (+1025) as a potential longshot, and while I am sticking with that, I must confess that they are making me a little nervous now after losing this past weekend. The Vikings (+2200) might also be worth a look if you are leaning toward the NFC. I have totally lost faith in the Baltimore Ravens (+2600) in the AFC, as their offense looks totally anemic at the moment. The Dolphins (+3300) are also sinking after losing 3 in a row, making it tough to recommend a longshot from the AFC. Lets see how things develop over the next few weeks.


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