NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Predictions: Perfect Match that All Fans Want to See

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Predictions: Perfect Match that All Fans Want to See

This weekend is the 2022 NFL Divisional Round. Then next Sunday the best in the AFC and NFC play for their conference titles. So in the next couple of weeks, we will know which two teams will battle it out for the 2022 Super Bowl. Because the Lombardi Trophy game is just around the corner, it makes sense for us to consider the Perfect Super Bowl matchup. Is it a repeat of 2021 with Tom Brady and Tampa Bay taking on Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City? Is it a matchup between the Titans and Packers, the two top seeds in the NFL Playoffs? See below for the Perfect Super Bowl matchup so you can keep planning your bets against the odds to win the Super Bowl.  

Perfect Super Bowl Matchup | NFL Betting Analysis

Super Bowl LVI

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 13
  • Where: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA
  • TV/Streaming: NBC / Peacock

Super Bowl LVI – Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers +790

  • Why is Tampa Bay versus Buffalo the perfect Super Bowl matchup?

Surprised? Don’t be. Nobody really wants to see a repeat of Brady versus Mahomes and most of the other teams, the Rams, Bengals, and 49ers, aren’t as interesting as the Bills and Bucs.

There’s nothing wrong with Green Bay. But although it would be intriguing to see Aaron Rodgers in a face-off with Josh Allen, the Packers’ defense isn’t very good.

Green Bay lucked into the 1-seed in the NFC after Tampa suffered injuries throughout the season. So the Packers are a long shot to make the Super Bowl. Also, if they happen to make the Super Bowl and face a team like the Bills, let’s be honest, Josh Allen will torch the Packers D. 

So we’re left with Tampa versus Buffalo. Read more about why Buccaneers versus Bills is the perfect Super Bowl matchup.

  • Josh Allen versus the Buccaneers’ fantastic defense

Allen dominated the New England Patriots in the Bills wild card win. Josh won’t have as easy of a time against Tampa’s excellent defense. But he will have some success. 

What’s really intriguing is to see how Tampa plays against Allen’s ability to run with the football. When Josh rushes, he’s one of the most gifted running backs in the league. 

Right-inside linebacker Lavonte David is healthy. His individual matchup with Allen should be something to behold. 

  • Tom Brady versus the Bills’ defense

Buffalo fields the top defense in the NFL. The Bills ranked first in total yards allowed per game as well as points allowed per.

Because of Terrific Tom, the Buccaneers’ offense ranked first in total yards per game and second in points per. So a Buffalo strength goes head-to-head against a Tampa strength.

Which blinks first? The Buccaneers’ offense or the Bills’ defense?

Super Bowl LVI Betting Odds & Pick – Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +790

Not only is Buffalo Bills versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers the perfect Super Bowl matchup, but the odds on MyBookie are more than fair.

Tampa Bay’s defense is healthy while the Bucs send the top offense in the league to the field. Unless Green Bay’s defense suddenly becomes great, the Buccaneers should have no trouble beating the Packers in the NFC Championship.

If San Francisco upsets Green Bay, Tampa hosts the 49ers, a game they should easily win. On Sunday, Tampa plays the Rams. Although the Buccaneers are just -3 favorites, Brady should have no trouble dominating the Rams’ secondary.

Buffalo also has a great shot of winning their conference. The Bills’ already beat the Kansas City Chiefs in KC this season. Why couldn’t they do it again?

Beating the Titans in Tennessee will be tough. But Buffalo is a much better team now than the one that fell to Tennessee during the regular season. 

If Cincinnati upsets the Titans, and Buffalo beats Kansas City, the Bills would host the AFC Championship. Based on the most likely scenarios, Buffalo Bills versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super LVI is the most probable outcome. 

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