NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Analysis: What the Bengals Have to Do to Win Against the Rams

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Analysis: What the Bengals Have to Do to Win Against the Rams

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Los Angeles Rams in what should be an excellent rendition of the Vince Lombardi Trophy game. But just because Cincinnati beat the Chiefs to make it to the big game, it doesn’t mean they’re destined to win. Check out the four things that must happen for the Bengals to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history so you can make your bets against their Super Bowl Odds.  

How can the Bengals Beat the Rams to win the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVI

Top Four Things the Bengals Must do to Win Super Bowl 56

  1. Joe Burrow must have a great game

Most teams rely on their quarterback. The Bengals rely on their quarterback more than other teams.

And why not? Joe Burrow is one of the best signal-callers in the NFL. He led the league this season in completion percentage at over 70%. 

If Burrow doesn’t have a good game, the Bengals will lose. 

  1. The Bengals’ defense must pressure Matthew Stafford

Stafford is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL for sure, but like most QBs, Staff struggles under pressure. If the Bengals hope to win Super Bowl LVI, they must pressure Stafford on every passing down.

If Cincinnati gives Matthew Stafford time, he will find Odell Beckham Jr., or Cooper Kupp, or Van Jefferson on a fly route. So Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard must be in Staff’s face all night for the Bengals to win. 

  1. Joe Mixon must be involved in the passing game

The Rams’ defense is good at stopping the rush, and Joe Mixon must spend some time helping out on Aaron Donald and Von Miller.

But if Mixon isn’t involved in the passing attack, the Bengals aren’t likely to win. So expect a lot of checks on Miller before Mixon scampers five yards down the field and turns around in the curl route to catch a pass. 

  1. Burrow and the offense must chew up clock

One of Joe Burrow’s best assets is his ability to manage the clock. Coach Taylor knows he must use Burrow’s clock management ability to keep the ball out of Matthew Stafford’s hands. 

Expect Joe to not snap the ball until around 15 seconds on the game clock. Doing so won’t just keep Staff from getting the football, but it will also allow the Bengals to send the less tired defense to the field in the fourth quarter. 


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