NFL 2021 Season: Sure Losers Betting Predictions for Week 9

NFL 2021 Season: Sure Losers Betting Predictions for Week 9

Every week, NFL handicappers can take a glance and certain games stand out. There’s almost always surefire losers. NFL Week 9 is no different. Some losers are against the spread. Other losers are on the moneyline. Check out the five biggest losers for Week 9 of the 2021 season so you can get ready to make your bets against the NFL Betting Odds

Sure Losers for Week 9 of the 2021 Season

NFL Week 9

  • When: Thursday, Nov. 4 – Monday, Nov. 8

Browns fall to Bengals by at least 7 points

The odds imply this is a close game. The Bengals are -2.5. On paper, Cleveland should put up a fight, but it’s difficult to back Baker Mayfield and his crew versus a Bengals team that, save for a 17-point fourth-quarter meltdown versus the Jets in Week 8, would be 6-2.

As long as Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and Joe Mixon play for Cincinnati, the Bengals will have the better offense. Almost as important? Cincy’s defense ranks seventh against the rush. Cleveland turns into the Baker Show, and it’s not a top ticket, if they can’t run the football. 

Cincinnati covers by beating the Browns by at least 7. 

Falcons shouldn’t keep it close versus the Saints

Atlanta had things going well until this past Sunday when wide receiver Calvin Ridley announced a couple of hours before the game that he was taking time off for his mental health.

Calvin has every right to do what he wants. Without Ridley, though, the ATL won’t move the ball as well as they had been.

Losing to the Panthers was bad. Carolina’s defense is decent but not great. The Saints defense is great. New Orleans beat up Tom Brady and even though Jameis Winston left the game early to a season-ending knee injury, New Orleans prevailed 36-27 over the Buccaneers.

The Saints aren’t a pass first team. So losing Winston won’t hurt too much. Losing Calvin Ridley, though, should definitely hurt the Falcons’ offense. The Saints cover the -5 spread.  

Minnesota shouldn’t keep within touch of the Ravens

It’s hard to understand how a team with Kirk Cousins at quarterback, Justin Jefferson at wide receiver, Dalvin Cook at running back and a great offensive line can’t score more than 16 points against the Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota faced a Cowboys team with Dak Prescott on the bench. The Vikings still couldn’t pull out a victory. Why would anyone believe the Vikings can hang with the Ravens?

The odds on Lamar and the Edgar Allan Poes is -5.5. Baltimore should easily cover the spread. 

Kansas City won’t make it two wins in a row

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The game is being hailed as a battle between KC’s Patrick Mahomes and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.

The truth is more simple. Kansas City isn’t a good football team. None of the four teams KC has beaten are better than .500. Three of KC’s four wins were against NFC East teams not named the Dallas Cowboys.

KC gets rolled Sunday. Already the line has changed to Kansas City -3 to Chiefs -1.  

Chicago should fall to Pittsburgh by at least 10 points

Pittsburgh is the AFC version of the New Orleans Saints, a team with a very good defense and so-so passing attack. The Saints rush the ball as well as anybody in the NFL, though. 

Pittsburgh doesn’t rush the ball well. But although the Steelers’ offense hasn’t caught up to the defense, Ben Roethlisberger’s unit is better than what Chicago sends to the field.

The Bears have trouble moving the football and scoring points. Pittsburgh should win a low scoring game because Justin Fields and the Bears will be lucky to get 7 points. 


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