NFL Betting Tips to Help You Handicap the First Half of the 2022-23 Season

NFL Betting Tips to Help You Handicap the First Half of the 2022-23 Season

It has been a crazy offseason in the NFL, but we are now getting closer and closer to the on-field action starting up. Training camps across the country will begin opening up towards the end of the month, with the first preseason game just a couple of weeks after that. What we are saying is that it is time to start thinking about wagering on the new season, but before you go diving in and start making bold predictions, you need to have a plan in place. This is particularly true in the early part of the new NFL season, as we don’t really know how teams are going to look until they actually start playing. Here are some things to consider when looking to handicap games in the first half of the season. Let’s get right to it so you can get all set to place your bets against the NFL Betting Lines.

How to Handicap the 1st Half of the 2022-23 NFL Betting Season

Pay No Attention to Hype

Every year, there are one or two teams who are considered to be sexy picks that everyone is high on. Sometimes, those feelings are right, but more often than not, hyped teams fail to live up to the headlines. Just take a look at the 2021 Cleveland Browns as a perfect example of a hyped team failing to deliver the goods.

Pick and Choose Your Wagers Wisely

The start of the new NFL season is always exciting, so it’s only natural to want to dive in and play every game. This is the fastest way to clean out your bankroll, as you are probably going to make some bad decisions based on what a team did last year or how the media perceives them ahead of the new season. Only play games you feel very confident about, which can often come down to established QBs playing against teams with a rookie or a less than elite QB.

Keep an Eye on the Injury List

This is something that you should be doing all season long, as injuries can have a major impact on teams and the lines that the Sports Betting bookies produce each week. A line that looks great at first glance might not be so appealing when you see that the team in question has several key players out or doubtful to play. We tend to think of injuries coming late in the season when players begin to feel the effects of the season, but they often come in training camp and the opening couple of weeks when players might not be fully ready to go.

Be Prepared to Make Adjustments

Teams react differently to the start of a new season. Some are going to come flying out of the gate and looking great, while others are slower to get rolling. Do not let either of those influence your decisions too heavily, as things can change from week to week in the NFL. This is especially true for teams that are surprisingly good in the opening weeks, as the fact of the matter is that the cream tends to find a way to rise to the top. Those fast start teams might dwindle, while the slow starters gather steam. Never get too locked in on what a team did in the past couple of games.


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