JAN 19 - Top 2017 NFL Super Bowl 51 Apps

Top 2017 NFL Super Bowl 51 Apps

Written by on January 19, 2017

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to be at Super Bowl 51 live in Houston or whether you’re simply going to get together with a bunch of friends and family to watch the game together.If you’re a football fan that is excited about the quickly approaching Super Bowl 51 matchup, then you should know that in today’s technologically-advanced times, there’s a multitude of apps that can help you enjoy your Super Bowl experience, no matter where you’re at!This look at five of the most helpful Super Bowl 51 apps will have you ready for the big game long before it ever takes place. Also, make sure to click here in order to check the latest Super Bowl 51 promos.

Top 2017 NFL Super Bowl 51 Apps


Super Bowl Stadium App

The NFL’s official Super Bowl Stadium App acts as a companion at the big game by allowing users to browse information about the Super Bowl, its current stadium and much more like parking and receiving information like stats and replays during the game.

Each Team’s App

Each team appearing in the Super Bowl has an app specifically suited towards that franchise. The team app allows users to get expert information on both teams, including player photo galleries, news and much more.


If you’re simply going to stuff yourself full of whatever food comes your way, then you don’t need the MyFitnessPal APP. However, if you want to watch your weight and maintain some sort of fitness throughout the Super Bowl, then this app is just for you as it allows you to count calories you consume during the game. The app’s step tracker also let’s you know how many calories you’ve burned.

Blocky Football

If you want to keep some action going in between breaks or at the half, then you’ll like an app like Blocky Football. Score touchdowns by swiping away people!


Shazam allows users to receive valuable Super Bowl-based discounts, free downloads, vote on polls and share your Super Bowl experiences on Facebook Twitter. Now, who couldn’t use a free Coke or Pepsi every now and then?