Top NFL Las Vegas Raiders Games to Bet On the Upcoming 2022-23 Season

Top NFL Las Vegas Raiders Games to Bet On the Upcoming 2022-23 Season

It’s natural to get excited about the upcoming football season, but with training camps now in session, the excitement level is clicking up a notch. We are now really just a couple of weeks away from the start of preseason games, with fans across the nation getting ready to see how their favorite team looks ahead of the new season. Aside from a couple of teams where things look really bad, hope tends to spring eternal, but there are some places where the hype is reaching fever pitch. With a new head coach and a star receiver now on staff, fans of the Las Vegas Raiders are cautiously optimistic this season. Instead of looking at their chances this year, let’s instead look at some games on the Raiders schedule that have to be considered to be in the must bet variety. Let’s get right to it so you can plan your bets against their NFL Lines.

Las Vegas Raiders Must Bet Games During the Regular Season | NFL Betting Picks

Week 1 at LA Chargers

The AFC is home to several very good teams, all of whom have a shot at making a deep run this season. The Raiders would consider themselves to be in that group, as would the LA Chargers, which makes this one a great one to watch and wager on. This is a tough game for both teams and a win in this game will set things up nicely for the winner. This will also be our first chance to see Davante Adams take the field in the silver and black.

Week 3 at Tennessee Titans

You do have to say that the Raiders have a tough start to the season, as they will have a home game against the Arizona Cardinals wedged in between the two games we are discussing here. This is a tough road trip to face a team that is a potential division winner and playoff team. That’s two real road tests for the Raiders in the early going.

Week 5 at Kansas City Chiefs

The more you look at the Raiders 2022 schedule, the more it becomes clear that they are going to have to run an absolute gauntlet on the road this season. Their first 3 road games are all against teams that are considered a lock to be in the playoffs at the end of the season. Yes, it’s a tough run of games for Las Vegas, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for them to prove that they deserve to be in the AFC Championship Game conversation. If they can win a couple of these early road games, people will take notice.

Week 8 at New Orleans Saints

The Raiders made it into the playoffs last year with a 10-7 record, but given the strength of the division and the conference, they may have to improve on that record in order to be playing beyond the end of the regular season. As you can see, though, they have a brutal schedule, including a trip to New Orleans to face the Saints in Week 8.

Week 14 at LA Rams

We started this one with a bit of a theme, so we may as well carry it all the way to the end by focusing solely on road games for the Raiders. These are all tough matchups, but this one against the defending Super Bowl champions might well be the pick of the bunch. This is the true measure of a team, as a great showing against the champs tends to bode well for the rest of the season.


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