Washington Football Team vs. Dallas Cowboys Betting Preview

Washington Football Team vs. Dallas Cowboys Betting Preview

Written by on December 24, 2021

Although these two teams faced off two weeks ago, not much has changed for this primetime matchup. This game is a huge game in the large scheme of the NFL playoff postseason picture.

The visiting Washington Football Team is coming off a ten-point loss to their divisional rival Eagles. They currently sit as the 10th seed in the NFC and hope to climb the ladder with three remaining weeks.

The home team, Dallas Cowboys, are the second-seeded team in the NFC. They are one win away from clinching their division title and are one game away from the top team in the conference.

The opening odds are currently in favor of the Dallas Cowboys, with a point spread of 10.5 points. Anything can happen on a wild primetime show! 

Why bet on Dallas

There is not much convincing that is needed to bet on Dallas. America’s team has been on fire ATS this year, hitting on 11, which is tied most this season!

There has not been an answer for Dallas from any opponent this year. They have been able to dominate and take over football games. All their playmakers have been doing an outstanding job this year. Many people are concerned with the play of star passer Dak Prescott.

While the stats may point to Prescott having a slump, they don’t tell the full story. While watching Prescott on Sunday, it was evident that he was very comfortable in the pocket and just seemed to be a bit off on his passes.

But I wouldn’t ponder on it too much. The defense has been on fire, and if they continue their streak, teams are going to have a whole lot coming towards them this winter!

Why bet on Washington

While it seems very concerning for the folks in the capital, there seems to be an ignored upside this week. They have some very good playmakers that could make some noise in Dallas. Terry McLaurin was silenced by Trevon Diggs, but that was just one game.

McLaurin is one of the best young playmakers in the NFL, in case those of you forgot. Antonio Gibson could easily have a monster game against Dallas. Saquan Barkley played decently well against the Cowboys, so there is an upside for Gibson.

The Washington defense needs to generate more turnovers. Sending pressure against Dallas is a terrible idea seeing as Prescott is one of the best passers against the pressure. Washington must capitalize off the miscues that the Cowboys’ offense has. 

Who is winning this game

There is no use in beating around the bush in this one. Dallas will win the ball game. That is truly the end of the story. It does not matter what kind of game plan or QB is put under center for Washington.

They are no match for America’s team. The Cowboys’ defense has been in its best form in years, and it’s only a matter of games before Prescott comes back to life!

Prediction: Dallas wins 35-13


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