DEC 15 - NFL Week 15 Games Every Bettor Should Follow

NFL Week 15 Games Every Bettor Should Follow

Written by on December 15, 2016

There are now just 3 weeks left in the NFL regular season, and yet we only have one team, the Dallas Cowboys, that have officially clinched a playoff berth. There is a better than average chance that there will be a few more who book their spot this weekend, but this just gives you an idea of how tight the divisional and Wild Card races have been so far this season. The great news for football fans is that most of the games on the schedule have some level of importance in Week 15, although there are a few that are more important than others. Let’s dig a little deeper into those big games.

Analyzing The NFL Week 15 Games Every Bettor Should Follow


Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

A few short weeks ago, the Green Bay Packers looked to be in trouble, with many believing that their playoff window of opportunity was closing. At that time, Aaron Rodgers came out and said that his team would go out and run the table, and it’s beginning to look as though they just might. The Packers are coming off a dominating 38-10 performance against the Seattle Seahawks, but are still sitting outside the playoff picture. This is another must win game for them if they hope to change that.

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

These are a pair of teams that have a legitimate shot at making it into the playoffs. The Chiefs look like a slam dunk, and may even be able to clinch a first round bye before all is said and done. The Titans have played well in recent weeks, and are locked in a tie with the Houston Texans at the top of the AFC South. This is a game that Tennessee needs to win if they are to keep pace at the top of the division.

Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings

Both of these teams are in trouble right now, and it could be argued that a loss for either one here may well put an end to their hopes of being in the playoffs. The Colts loss last weekend put them behind the Titans and the Texans atop the AFC South, and they now need some real help if they want to play beyond Week 17. The Minnesota Vikings are in a similar spot, as they are now 2 games back of the division leading Detroit Lions, whilst also having the Packers breathe down their neck.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

The Patriots are on a short week after taking down the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night, but they will know that they have a chance to lock up one of the top two seeds if they can get the win at Mile High. The Broncos have the toughest final 3 games of any team in the NFL, and there is a real chance that the defending champions could be sitting the playoffs out this season if they cannot find a way to get their offense going in the final 3 weeks.