NFL Week 17 Must Bet Games - 2018 Season

NFL Week 17 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Written by on July 25, 2018

The final week of the NFL regular season will be the last opportunity we get to see the teams who missed out on the playoffs. It will also be their last opportunity to make some sot of statement before heading into the offseason. For those still alive, NFL Week 17 tends to be one where the stress level as highest, as a win or loss can potentially make or break a playoff spot. For those teams that have already booked their postseason ticket by this time, there may still be the business of seeding and a potential first round bye to think about. To cut a long story short, it will be all to play for in the final week of the NFL season, and we have some games that we think might be important.

NFL Week 17 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

Prior to the start of every NFL season, we all identify the teams that we are sure will be playoff bound. After that, there are a whole host of teams in both conferences who could be either in or out, and you have to believe that these two fall into the latter category. The Jaguars went all the way to the AFC Conference Final last season, but there are still a lot of football fans who believe that this team is still not elite as long as they have Blake Bortles under center. The Texans appear to have an elite QB in Deshaun Watson, but can they stay healthy this season. This game may well decide which of these two teams makes it into the playoffs.NFL Week 17 Betting Pick:  Jaguars

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

We all know how tight things were in the NFC South last season, and the race there was made all the more exciting by the fact that many of the divisional games came late in the season. It’s going to be more of the same this year, and since it was the divisional record that separated these two 11-win teams in 2017, there is reason to believe that it could happen again in 2018. This has the potential to be the game of the week, as it could well decide who will be crowned the kings of the south in the NFC.NFL Week 17 Betting Pick: Saints

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Are the Raiders a safe bet to win in NFL Week 17?Part of the fun of this season is going to come via watching the evolution of Patrick Mahomes at the QB spot in Kansas City. If he proves to be as good as advertised, then the Chiefs are probably going to be in the postseason. If he struggles early on, though, we could well be looking at a must win scenario for KC coming into Week 17. The same is true over in Oakland, where coach Jon Gruden will be trying to turn around what is already a very good team. This is a good match-up even if nothing is on the line.NFL Week 17 Betting Pick: Raiders

San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams

Before the final week of the season rolls around, we are going to know if all the preseason hype surrounding the 49ers was justified. Yes, they ended last season with 5 straight wins and a legitimate starter in Jimmy Garoppolo, but things tend to change very quickly in a few months in the NFL. As for the Rams, they are throwing money around in big bunches in order to secure a Super Bowl. It’s a risky move that could have a negative impact in a few years, but for now, this team is all in. This should be a fun one to watch and wager on.NFL Week 17 Betting Pick: 49ers